WWE News: Surprise Seventh Member Rumored For Money In The Bank Ladder Match

WWE Money in the Bank will take place LIVE on Sunday night with one heck of a card. WrestleMania quality matches from Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins, to John Cena vs AJ Styles are both on the card. Add this to a fatal four-way tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Titles. All of this is on top of the standard Money in the Bank ladder match the PPV is based on. While the card is great, the MITB match will surely get us talking.

Everyone has a favorite this year, but any of the six men fighting for the MITB case could win the match at this point. Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Dean Ambrose are all involved in the match as it stands right now. There have been back and forth reports from Kevin Owens winning to Dean Ambrose. It may all depend on who you ask at the end of the day.

However, things might change up a little bit this Sunday. According to Cageside Seats, surprises are expected for the event. Some range from Finn Balor appearing, to the more possible seventh member, to the Money in the Bank ladder match. There is even a possibility of a return, which would be interesting to see. There have been rumors of someone like Shelton Benjamin and even Rob Van Dam returning to the WWE as of late.

Shelton Benjamin
[Image via WWE]Clearly, no one has a concrete word on their returns, but it is a fact that WWE wants to bring people back to the company with the new brand split upcoming. That said, people like RVD, Benjamin, and even Carlito are being rumored. Interestingly, all three have worked ladder matches in the past...especially MITB matches. In fact, Shelton Benjamin made his name in these matches and people still remember his impressive work in them.

While a possible returning star may not be involved in the ladder match this Sunday, it does seem likely that WWE would surprise us with such a thing. Despite this, it does not mean they will win the match. A seventh member has been rumored for weeks now, but WWE has not even hinted at the idea of adding another person. That means they're either saving it for a surprise or they simply plan to not add anyone else.

With possible returning stars like Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt ready to go, this would be a good way to bring them back to shock the crowd and excite people. Even if they lose, a return is still impactful here. WWE may be debuting new people this Monday, so returning people on Sunday might be a better option rather than having returns and debuts on the same night.

Owens MITB
[Image via WWE]With various rumors going around regarding the PPV and then WWE RAW the following night, it makes many wonder what could go down at possibly the most stacked Money in the Bank card of all time. The possibility of a seventh man has intrigued fans. Whether you're on Facebook, Twitter, or a message board....the talk of a seventh person has been getting a lot of talk. That means even if WWE didn't have the idea of adding someone originally, they may have considered lately due to the talk.

That then brings the rumor back full force. With seven each year, it seems odd to have six. Fans know it, and they can tell...especially when seven were originally planned when WWE announced the match. Could someone debut in the match? Could a return happen during it? All these questions will be answered tomorrow night it seems, as rumors may say one thing but WWE could be considering something no one else is considering.

[Image via WWE]