Internet Cafe Shootout In Melbourne, Florida [Surveillance Video]

Melbourne, FL – Another robbery at a Sunshine State internet cafe has been thwarted by the quick actions of one of the good guys.

Three armed robbers burst in to the Allied Veterans of the World Cafe in Melbourne about 4 am Tuesday, but the guard on duty was also armed and opened fire on them within seconds as recorded by this surveillance video.

The three men fled, but one of them who was wounded multiple times didn’t get far. He was captured by police about a block away. The other two are still at large. The suspect who is in a local hospital in stable condition will be charged with attempted armed robber and using a gun in the commission of a felony. The guard’s name has not been released to protect his safety.

In Florida, internet cafes offer small-stakes gambling, which explains why crooks seem to be interested in more than just checking their email. The Space Coast Daily explains:

“Internet cafes have gained in popularity in recent years as they contain low-payout slot machines, but some authorities in other areas of the state have raided the establishments, saying they skirt gambling laws.”

“A number of internet cafes in nearby counties in Florida also have been the targets of armed robbers because of the amount of cash circulating in the businesses.”

In July, senior citizen Samuel Williams thwarted a robbery at the Palms Internet Cafe when he managed to quietly pull his concealed gun and shoot the perpetrators.

Watch the security guard open fire on three would-be internet cafe robbers in Melbourne, Florida:

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