Kailyn Lowry And Javi Marroquin Split — ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Returning Home From Deployment To Another Woman

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin continue to battle reports of new romances.

In the latest round of developments, Enstarz is reporting that Marroquin is returning from his deployment and has interacted with a girl on Twitter. Is he returning home to another woman?

Marroquin corresponded with Lowry’s former friend, Christina “Peach” Pietrobon.

Peach started things off with a short message about missing Marroquin. In reply, Marroquin assured her that he would be home soon.

“So soon! So freaking soon!” he wrote on Twitter.

Later, Marroquin invited Peach and several other friends to compete in a sports activity with him this coming fall.

“Tough Mudder in October? … @deejames210 @c_peach22 @Kimberlyyy_Rene??” he asked on Twitter.

According to Radar Online, Peach and Lowry had a falling out shortly after the split with Marroquin.

After Lowry confirmed her breakup, Peach told her that she was very “disappointed” in the news.

Peach then bashed Lowry for not treating Marroquin properly.

“You’ll blame someone for not being there yet you won’t’ even give them the chance to choose to be there,” she stated. “You decided for them when you neglected to tell them all the information to make their own decision.”

It still isn’t clear if Marroquin and Peach are starting a romance or if they are just good friends. According to Wet Paint, the recent interactions are just further examples of friends taking sides on the matter.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Marroquin has reached out to a woman on Twitter. A few months ago, Marroquin sent Kimberly Rene an inappropriate photo of himself on social media.

'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry And Javi Marroquin Were Separated For Months Before Divorce Was Announced [Image via MTV] Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry [Image via MTV]Then, Marroquin was caught asking about Brooke Wells’ sister and whether or not she was single.

Clearly, Marroquin is exploring his options now that his marriage with Lowry is all but over.

Of course, Marroquin isn’t the only one who’s been accused of seeking out new relationships.

Shortly after announcing the divorce, Lowry posted several pictures of her and Becky Hayter on her Instagram account. One photo featured the two exchanging kisses at a gay pride festival.

Girlfriend status ???? #asburyparkpride @hayter25

A photo posted by Kailyn Lowry (@kaillowry) on

The photos sparked speculation that Lowry and Hayter are now together and may have been dating for some time.

Despite all the rumors, Enstarz has revealed that Lowry wants nothing more than a vacation in Puerto Rico. The Teen Mom star announced her dream getaway through a special message on Twitter.

“Can I be in Puerto Rico already plzzzzz,” she wrote.

Kailyn Lowry’s desire to get away follows a week full of drama for the reality star. It’s been a few weeks since the divorce announcement, but things are about to get emotional once again in the next episode of Teen Mom 2.

A trailer for the coming installment featured Marroquin opening up about the real reasons behind the split.

“In my mind, I knew it wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t her fault, it wasn’t anybody’s fault,” Marroquin shared. “I was just hurt and I took it out on her and that was my mistake. I’m sorry and I just want to apologize to her.”

Once Marroquin returns home from deployment, he plans to move out and live in his own place while Lowry gets the house.

'Teen Mom 2' Stars Kailyn Lowry And Javi Marroquin Split — The Shocking Reasons Behind Their Divorce [Image via MTV] Javi and Kailyn looked troubled as far back as last season’s reunion. [Image via MTV]Although their marriage appears over, Marroquin admitted that he wants to try and work things out with Lowry.

“She knows I want my family together more than anything in this world. She felt I wasn’t supportive of her,” he stated.

That being said, fans will have to watch to find out Lowry’s response to Marroquin’s wishes. Based on her reactions on social media, it doesn’t appear likely that Lowry is willing to forgo the divorce.

The new episode of Teen Mom 2 is set to air Monday night on MTV.

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