Noor Salman Missing: Wife Of Orlando Shooter, Omar Mateen, Goes Into Hiding As Details Emerge About Her Possible Knowledge Of Attack

Noor Salman may have gone missing after her husband gunned down 49 people inside an Orlando nightclub, with family of Omar Mateen’s wife saying she has left her home in nearby Fort Pierce and is now in hiding.

In the wake of the weekend’s deadly shooting, evidence has emerged that may implicate Noor Salman in the planning of the attack. The 29-year-old Omar Mateen added his wife to his life-insurance policy and gave her access to his bank accounts, CNN reported on Friday, via Business Insider. Video has also emerged showing Salman buying ammo alongside her husband.

It is not clear yet if Salman had knowledge that the attack was coming, and she is not yet facing charges. But as the pressure builds, Noor Salman has gone missing, Business Insider noted.

“She’s ‘no longer here,’ Omar Mateen’s father, Seddique, told reporters outside of his Fort Pierce, Florida, home on Wednesday.

“Salman was reportedly living with Mateen’s father in Fort Pierce when her husband attacked the nightclub. Public records list her most recent address — presumably where she lived with Mateen after they married in 2013 — as a 15-minute drive from his father’s home in Fort Pierce.

“But Seddique told reporters that Salman was no longer in the area, either.”

There are now reports that Noor Salman was in contact with her husband during the attack itself. A law enforcement source told CNN that Omar Mateen sent her a text at close to 4 a.m. on Sunday, two hours after the attack started. The text asked Salman if she had seen the news. Salman replied that she loved Mateen and tried to call several times, the report noted.

Salman reportedly gave different stories about Mateen’s intentions, and also told police that he amassed an arsenal of guns worth thousands of dollars, CNN reported.

There is also a conflicting image of Salman emerging. While he was initially identified as having pledged allegiance to the terrorist group ISIS, new developments indicate that Salman was never in contact with any ISIS members and also pledged allegiance to other terrorist groups including Al-Nusra, which is an enemy of ISIS.

But Mateen still referenced ISIS in a Facebook message posted just minutes before the massacre started.

“You kill innocent women and children by doing us taste the Islamic state vengeance [sic],” Mateen reportedly wrote. “In the next few days you will see attacks from the Islamic State [ISIS] in the usa.”

Other patrons at Pulse said that Omar Mateen was also a regular at the gay nightclub. Mateen also used gay dating apps to meet other gay men.

“One of my friends… has been speaking with him since 2007, on and off,” on another gay dating app, Cord Cedeno told CNN. “(Mateen) sent him a picture of his private part, and my friend actually was attracted to him. He almost went and hooked up with him.”


As the investigation continues to focus on Noor Salman, investigators have spoken to those close with her. CBS News reported that three FBI agents visited her childhood home and talked to her mother. Salman also made a late-night visit to her apartment on Monday while being escorted by a police officer. Salman then moved into seclusion, the report noted.

While Noor Salman may be missing from the public eye, reports indicate that police are still tracking her and she may face charges for her involvement in the planning of the Orlando shooting.

[Image via Facebook/Noor Salman]