Nick Cannon’s ‘Divorce Papers’ Lyrics Reveal Details Of Mariah Carey Divorce Feud In New Freestyle Rap

Nick Cannon’s “Divorce Papers” lyrics come from a freestyle track he just released. He seems to have made the move out of frustration, hoping to have more control over the media dialogue around the divorce with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey. Cannon divorced Carey last year, after being together for seven years and having two children. They seemed like a dream couple, but there were rumors swirling that they had separated as early as 2014.

The “Divorce Papers” freestyle track that he dropped, via Karen Civil, is a sad rant about some of the things he is going through in the media with his divorce and in other aspects of his personal life. What celebrity has ever managed to control the dialogue surrounding their own life? The track is an attempt to clear the air around Cannon’s most prominent issues, but like anything a celebrity does, it’s likely to get sensationalized and distorted through the filter of interpretation.

Unless Cannon decides to release a clean version of the track there is no way to repeat a lot of the language he uses here. He sounds bitter and down, which may be what contributes to the unpolished nature of most of the track. There is no way this is getting played at parties, but it can be used to dissect the story surrounding Nick and Mariah in the media for those who seek more clarity.

The first part of the track is a rant about the courthouse craziness surrounding divorce papers proceedings. You can tell he has been losing a lot of sleep, both from what he says and from his tired delivery. Next he gets into Eminem, referring to his constant quest to get a battle with Eminem. He has challenged Eminem numerous times in songs but Eminem has been reluctant to have a face-to-face battle. On this freestyle track he relates himself to Eminem and his dealings with his notorious ex-wife, Kim, and the songs Eminem has written about her.

Next he gets into how the media criticism came in the midst of the death of his father. He also touches on his own battles with health issues as if to show how the public lacks compassion and should give him space. He also gets into how his late father, James Cannon, advised him to find a “black queen,” perhaps a way of saying the multiracial Carey isn’t black enough to merit Nick’s love, but Nick then goes on to say “she was already that.”

Nick then ponders what Mariah is thinking now that they are apart and divorced. He questions what she is thinking when the media reports on his new girlfriends and such, and how the two are doing living the single life apart from each other. He gets into talking about his children and how he wonders what they think about him when they are with Mariah. You can tell that Nick is not enjoying the divorce and what it is doing to his family life and relationship with his children.

Of course he cuts into the media and the people who believe everything they read about him, including all the embarrassing things TMZ makes public. The freestyle picks up pace towards the end, and his feelings toward Mariah also pick up. He praises her and what she means to him as his flow packs more energy and lyricism at this point. He also compares his situation with the plight of the broken black family in America and all the hardship that brings to people in society.

The song then ends with Nick still sort of hopeless about the whole thing, saying that he is just going to sign the divorce papers and move on. Perhaps Nick Cannon’s “Divorce Papers” lyrics will elicit a response from Carey, or at least some compassion from the public, as that seems to be what he is fishing for.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]