Jessica Simpson Says She Thought Baby Weight Would ‘Come Off With The Baby’

Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy weight gain was the subject of some intense and horrible media scrutiny while she waited for the arrival of her first child, but the singer says that she is now learning firsthand that the body-stresses of pregnancy don’t end with the baby’s birth.

According to Simpson, she relaxed her eating worries while pregnant with daughter Maxwell Drew, who was born in May, because she believed that after her child arrived, the baby weight would just as soon depart.

Not so, Jessica: Why do you think someone invented “mom jeans?” Sitting down with USAToday, Simpson bemoaned the difficulty of shedding the excess poundage that came along with her pregnancy after expecting it to fall off. She says:

“I let myself indulge in everything I wanted because it was the first time I was ever pregnant, and I wanted to enjoy it. I wanted to be happy and eat what I wanted.”

Of course, while you or I might be a bit shy about revealing such personal details to the world, Jessica Simpson is sort of contractually obligated to visibly lose baby weight due to her deal with Weight Watchers. And it appears Jess has made good, as she’s set to do a reveal on September 10 with Katie Couric.

Since weaning Maxwell, Simpson has cut her daily points down to 28 from 34, but she says she’s also broken some of her pregnancy eating habits, although she kept a few tiny indulgences:

“I’m a woman who wants her chocolate … I allot myself a fun-size [bag of] M&Ms. I eat one of those, and my craving is satisfied. I don’t need the whole bag of M&Ms.”

Did you struggle with losing weight after a baby like Jessica Simpson?

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