Windows 10 To Come With A Clean Install Tool And Allows For Removal Of Bloatware

With the release of the anniversary edition of Windows 10 just weeks away, Microsoft is testing out some new tools for Windows that will allow users to do a clean install and get rid of the bloatware within the software. Although the install tool is currently available only to Windows insiders, once the testing is complete, Microsoft plans to release it to a wider audience.

The Verge reported that Microsoft was working to make it easier to install a clean install of Windows 10. Currently, Windows 10 users who upgraded have the option to reset their PCs and restore it to the original operating system, but it doesn’t allow a clean install of Windows 10. The new tool will correct this issue and give PC users a different option.

Microsoft also released two test builds to testers this week, and the company is trying to discover as many bugs as possible before releasing the anniversary edition next month. Additional changes are coming to Windows 10 Mobile, and the Kid’s Corner feature is being removed because of low usage.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Microsoft released the Windows 10 roadmap website to help users learn how to navigate the software and understand all the features that are included. Microsoft also introduced the site with the hopes of luring more businesses to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10. Although Microsoft is releasing its anniversary edition next month, the big release won’t happen until spring 2017. Microsoft is using the site to introduce new features as they roll out, as well as listing possible features to be added to the software. No date was given on the site as to when the new features would roll out.

Computer World reported that the Windows 10 code will be locked down prior to the release of the anniversary edition next month. The lockdown means that there will be no major changes to the software, only a few minor bug fixes. Gabriel Aul, engineering general manager for Microsoft’s OS group, said that Microsoft is suspending delivery of builds until the roll out.

“We’re suspending the availability of Windows 10 builds briefly while we prepare for [using the official roll-out process], and the next build that we flight to you will be delivered using the production channels.”

Microsoft only shipped the latest builds of Windows 10 after it issued the releases to Windows insiders. Although Microsoft hasn’t given an official release date, the release numbers may be an indication of when the anniversary edition will be officially released.

PC Magazine reported that Microsoft is introducing a new tool that will allow both Windows 10 and mobile users to install Windows 10 from scratch. Right now, if users want to do a fresh install, the process is tricky at best and can cause problems for users. In a blog post, Microsoft said that they were aware of the problem.

“We’ve heard from many of you that are attempting to perform a clean installation of Windows that it can sometimes be hard to get started. To help, we are providing a new tool that enables an easy and simple way to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows. This tool is now available from the Settings app for Windows Insiders using the latest builds that installs a clean copy of the most recent version of Windows 10 and removes apps that were installed on your PC.”

The initial installation file of Windows 10 is about 3 GB. PC users will have to download it first before doing the clean install on their machines, and users have been cautioned to back up their machines prior to doing a fresh install.

[Photo via Microsoft]