Windows 10 Roadmap Website Shows Users New Features Of Operating System

Microsoft continues to add new features to Windows 10 in order to get more computer users to accept the operating system. The latest addition is a website called Roadmap where users who have never upgraded can go and see the new features. It also offers current users a chance to see Microsoft’s future plans for the software. With the roll out of an anniversary edition in July, and future plans for even greater features in 2017, Microsoft is pushing hard to get users to embrace Windows 10.

Business Insider reported that Microsoft is trying to lure businesses with its new features for Windows 10. Microsoft created the new website Roadmap to introduce businesses to the new features they have planned in order to get businesses to move to Windows 10 sooner. Although Microsoft hasn’t said when all the new features will be available, Windows is releasing an anniversary edition in July, and an even bigger edition of Windows 10 is expected to be released in the spring of 2017.

Microsoft didn’t say when all of the new features would be available, but they included new features like Hello and Windows Ink. Hello is a password alternative that offers both facial recognition and or fingerprint recognition so users can log in. Windows Ink allows users to write notes to certain apps in systems that have a touch screen. Cortana is also being updated to make it more interactive and give it new features.

Although Microsoft hasn’t discussed all the features they have planned yet in future updates of Windows 10, some of the features they are currently working on include unlocking the system from withing a Windows or Android phone, or with a PC band. A new feature called Continuum will allow users to hook their monitors, keyboards and projectors to a Windows phone so the phone functions as a laptop.

PC-to-PC casting allows users to share the screen of one Windows 10 device with the screen of another while Microsoft is also creating a new security service that will provide greater threat protection for the operating system. This new product will be able to detect the toughest security threat, and it is designed to compete with services like FireEye.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, Windows 10 has already begun to roll out new features including improved pen support. Although Microsoft is releasing its anniversary edition over the summer, users are receiving the updates to the anniversary edition as automatic updates. Optional updates to the operating system will improve user experience while recommended updates will have to be installed manually and allow users to get more from Windows 10.

ARSTechnica reported that Windows 10 users will now be able to control the operating system remotely and connect third party devices to do it. Windows and Android devices will be able to store log in credentials to open the system remotely. Microsoft is also creating companion devices like the Microsoft Band 2 fitness device. This device will plug into the framework and third party devices will be able to connect.

One of the more interesting features of the Windows 10 Roadmap site is a section called Cancelled. Speculation is that this section will contain features that Microsoft planned for Windows 10 and either had to go back to the drawing board to redesign, or features that were created by Microsoft they chose not to add to the operating system. This new section may also give users clues about any future plans Microsoft may have for Windows 10.

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