Japanese Donald Trump Commercial: YouTuber Mike Diva Creates Viral Video That Will ‘Be The Best Thing You Ever Seen Today’ [Video]

The 2016 Presidential Race is probably the first time in a long time the American people have been heavily outspoken on who they support, but more importantly, who they reject. For conservatives, especially those who identify themselves as Republicans, many have taken a strong stance against Hillary Clinton. They often utilize Clinton’s FBI investigation pertaining to her email server in association to the Benghazi incident. They are also likely to hit Clinton on all her other accusations over the years, some which they believe have been “swept under the rug” to protect her current and future endeavors and assets.

The same treatment is being given, probably more so, to Donald Trump by liberals, especially those who identify themselves as Democrats. Along with the argument that Trump has no experience as a politician, which conservatives find to be a positive because he isn’t “bought,” they claim he is xenophobic, fascist, and racist.

However, out of the two incumbents for the 2016 Presidency, the one everyone seems to be having the most fun with is Donald Trump. Over the course of this week, a suburban eighth-grader impersonated Trump for his speech to entertain his fellow classmates, teachers, and all in attendance. Before that, Lori Mae Hernandez, a 13-year-old, stand-up comic, referenced Trump in her final joke for the 2016 season of America’s Got Talent. And now, YouTuber Mike Diva created a Donald Trump Japanese commercial and it will be “the best thing you will ever see today!”

The Japanese commercial, which comes off as a mix of a bubblegum J-pop and J-techno music video, was created by YouTuber Mike Diva, as reported by Mashable. The Japanese commercial, which is about 1:12 long, starts out with a Japanese girl, starring Chloe Doan, who is a Trump fan, admiring him in her Trump-decorated room. Eventually, it shows on television that Trump has become the “President of the World,” a scenario that leads to psychedelic and euphoric trip through such a world. A lot of bright neon colors. A lot of pastels. A lot of Japanese animation clouds and caricatures. And to top it off, a Donald Trump brontosaurus.

Donald Trump, Japanese Commercial

There are plenty of references to popular Japanese pop culture such as the anime-inspired cartoons and drawings. The mecha that appears near the end of the commercial references the Japanese video games and anime that utilize them as a concept such as Xenoblade Chronicles X or the Gundam series. There are also plenty of references to Trump’s policies, like the wall near the end of the video, which references Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall at the U.S. and Mexican border.

Donald Trump, Swastika

The Japanese Donald Trump commercial also pokes fun at all the negative allegations slapped on Trump by liberals. Many of them claim he is xenophobic, fascist, and racist. An example of Trump’s alleged fascism appears in a scene depicting a monumental bust of Trump, heralded in celebration with tanks and fighter jets in pomp and circumstance. As for his alleged racism, there is a scene in which Trump imitates Adolf Hitler, performing the salute of the Nazi Regime while swastikas glow in the background.

The Japanese Donald Trump commercial was supposed to come off as a mockery, an ironic video supporting Trump. Ultimately, it became a viral sensation admired by both liberals and conservatives just because it is quite entertaining to watch. According to Washington Times, Mike Diva wrote a special thanks to all who supported him in making the Japanese Donald Trump commercial. He even jokingly (and ironically) supported Trump in his thanks, too.

“Huge thanks to everyone who helped me make this stupid thing out of the kindness of their hearts/their love for our glorious leader! All hail our future world president. May he bathe in the blood of non-believers.”

At this moment, the Japanese Donald Trump commercial has been “the best thing anyone has seen today,” up to more than 1.8 million times since its upload on Wednesday, June 15. As for Mike Diva, check out his official YouTube page in which he has more interesting parody videos for people to enjoy.

[Image via Screen Capture of Mike Diva’s Japanese Donald Trump Commercialトランプ2016]