Megyn Kelly Rips Media Coverage Of Hillary Clinton Benghazi Committee Testimony

Megyn Kelly claims the mainstream media has ignored a bombshell revelation from the Hillary Clinton Benghazi Committee testimony in their headlong rush to declare the Democrat presidential front-runner victorious over the GOP-led inquiry led by Congressman and former prosecutor Trey Gowdy.

The news media viewed the hearing through the lens of partisan politics and political theater rather than on substance as to what then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew in real time about the attack on the U.S. outpost in Libya, Kelly suggested on The Kelly File Friday night. See clip embedded below.

“This despite she and other administration officials misleading the American people in the days and weeks after the terrorist attack,” Kelly declared in a Fox News Channel broadcast in which she also unveiled a new hairstyle.

Terrorists murdered four Americans — Ambassador Christopher Stevens, foreign services officer Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALS Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods — on September 11, 2012, at the U.S. Embassy compound in Libya.

U.S. government officials originally and repeatedly blamed the attack on an obscure anti-Islam YouTube video, a justification that has since been discredited and abandoned.

Obama administration foes have long claimed that the White House concocted the video storyline and related talking points to protect the viability of the Obama/Biden reelection campaign in the controversy about insufficient security at the consulate despite warnings and the failure to deploy a military rescue team after the compound was under siege.

According to Woods’ father, Kelly reported, Hillary Clinton told him at the military casket ceremony that “We are going to have the filmmaker arrested who is responsible for the death of your son.”

The 11-hour Benghazi committee hearing on Thursday revealed that Hillary Clinton knew immediately that the violence at the embassy was not about a video, however, but a pre-planned terrorist attack, Megyn Kelly further suggested.

“For the first time, the public saw an email detailing a conference call Hillary Clinton had on September 12, 2012, with the Egyptian prime minister. Her words: ‘We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack — not a protest. Based on the information we saw today, we believe the group that claimed responsibility for this was affiliated with al Qaeda.'”

Hillary Clinton testifies at Benghazi committee
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For whatever reason, the media completely glossed over or failed to report this crucial evidence that the video had nothing to do with the terrorist attack, Kelly continued, and “to watch most of the media today, you would think that we never saw that email yesterday. To the contrary, the media reporting today was uniformly ‘she won; it is over. Move on.'”

Sean Smith’s mom Pat Smith has continually accused Hillary Clinton of lying about what happened at Benghazi and has also accused Clinton and Obama of being personally responsible for her son’s murder.

This morning in an appearance on FNC, Sean Smith’s uncle, Michael Ingmire, said that “I’m glad that Mrs. Clinton had an Indian food, wine, and beer party [after the hearing]. It’s too bad my nephew and Ambassador Stevens, you know, couldn’t show up.” He also deemed Hillary Clinton “a serial liar.”

Ben Doherty, Glen Doherty’s dad, did not even watch the Hillary Clinton testimony on Capitol Hill before the House Select Committee. “She’s a scumbag, in my opinion…I think that she pulled all the troops out of the embassy; he had no backup. She said it’s no big deal; it’s a big deal to me, he’s my son and I loved him,” he told New England Cable News. Glen’s mom Barbara disagreed to some degree, however, in part insisting that the Benghazi investigation has been politicized to undermine the Clinton presidential campaign, and that lower level State Department officials were responsible.

Hillary Clinton at Benghazi committee
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Do you agree or disagree with Megyn Kelly that the most media outlets and journalists folded instead of reporting on the substance of Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the Benghazi committee in a narrative that declared her the post-hearing big winner? Now that Joe Biden is not a candidate, are the media circling the wagons around Hillary Clinton?

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