Democratic National Convention Hotels May Have Bedbugs

“Change you can believe in” may include changing the bedsheets because hotels in the Democratic National Convention city of Charlotte, North Carolina, apparently to some degree have a bedbug problem.

Although Charlotte does not show up on the list of the most bedbug infested cities in America, the parasites may try to crash the party this week anyway, according to the Washington Times:

The blood-sucking insects have made a resurgence in recent years, including reports of them at nine of the hotels being used for Democrats’ nominating convention this week in Charlotte…

A search of brings up more than 30 Charlotte-area hotels where visitors have reported bedbugs, including nine hotels that will host at least 10 of the state delegations attending this week’s convention.

Public health officials in the area, however, say they’ve recently inspected all of the convention hotels and that “they have taken precautions to make sure the pests aren’t waiting in hotel rooms to go home with guests as unwanted souvenirs.”

When you’re traveling, it is often recommended to among other things check hotel headboards, mattresses, and box springs for bedbugs and “dark blood spots.”

Hotels guests apparently in town for the political convention in Charlotte may have another reason to be concerned. According to National Review Online, various journalists have evidently been assigned non-five-star accommodations by the Democrat National Committee in hotels that appear to be infested by pimps, prostitutes, and drug dealers.

As a result, “staff members from Politico and the Hill abandoned their assigned hotels” as did writers from the National Review and The Daily Caller. Presumably the convention delegates have more congenial accommodations.

Anyone who has had to stay in a “no-tell motel” during an extended business trip can really relate to this kind of predicament.

Should the Democratic National Convention staff have done a better job in vetting the hotels in Charlotte?