Westboro Baptist Church Criticized By Christians As They Protest Orlando Shooting Victims’ Funerals

Meaghan Ellis - Author

Jun. 18 2016, Updated 12:05 p.m. ET

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, Westboro Baptist Church has come under fire yet again. As expected, many Americans have taken to social media to criticize the cult-like church, but now another group has voiced concerns about the beliefs of Westboro members. According to Charisma News, Christians are making it clear that absolutely nothing about Westboro Baptist Church’s stance is “Christian-like.”

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Prophet Rick Joyner took to Facebook to put things into perspective and gave his opinion of Westboro Baptist Church members’ views. He even described Westboro’s message as an example of anti-Christ. “A couple of sermons also made the news as one pastor from Northern California said he was glad for the massacre and wished the shooter had finished the job. I could hardly think of a more anti-Christ message,” Joyner wrote.

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“I have real problems with the LGBT agenda, especially as it has threatened our freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but I pray to have the courage to risk my life to save any gay person if they were ever attacked in a place where I could do something about it. I would do this because our Savior has already laid down His life for them, and I pray that everyone of them comes to the knowledge of how much He loves them to have done this.”

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Like Joyner, many other prominent Christian leaders have called for prayer and peace in the midst of all the chaos and controversy that led to the untimely deaths of so many innocent victims, but Westboro Baptist Church has only celebrated their deaths proclaiming, “God Sent The Shooter.”

However, their efforts to get their hateful message across haven’t stopped there. Their plans to picket Orlando shooting victims’ funerals have also been revealed. In fact, Westboro Baptist Church has even taken to Twitter with live updates about the members protesting and their demands for repentance. Based on the arguments of Westboro protesters, they believe the victims are nothing more than sinners who have been portrayed by the media as heroes and they want to show the world otherwise.


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The latest news follows a string of reports detailing the controversy surrounding Westboro Baptist Church members’ beliefs and the backlash they’ve received for their views. However, they aren’t the only ones who have little sympathy for the victims. A number of celebrities have also come under fire for seemingly brash statements about the victims due to their sexual orientation.

Like Westboro Baptist Church, Nicki had little sympathy for the PULSE nightclub victims since they were partying at a club that caters to homosexuals. She implied that their lifestyle may have contributed to their deaths when she reportedly tweeted, “I believe what the Bible says & I won’t change my views…” according to Sandra Rose.

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So far today, Westboro Baptist Church members have turned out in round numbers to protest, but as expected, their protests have been met with opposition. According to SFGate, “angels” plan to prohibit Westboro from protesting so family and friends of the victims can have the opportunity to bury their loved ones without having to read some of Westboro’s signature signs which include, “God Hates F**s,” “God Sent the Shooter,” and “Death Penalty to F**s.”

But, despite the opposition, Westboro Baptist Church is moving forward with their agenda supposedly in the name of Christianity. “No coincidence that God is smacking Orlando with grievous sorrow, killing your children with shooters and alligators, when you are about to belly up to ‘father’s day’!”

Do you agree or disagree with Westboro Baptist Church’s stance? Or should they refrain from casting judgment on the victims? Share your thoughts.

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