Another DC Comics Vigilante Joining The Cast Of 'Arrow' For Season 5

Danny Cox

There has been a wild rush of new characters being added to the comic book TV series of the world, and fans can't wait for the fall. Well, Arrow didn't want to be left out, so it has now joined the fray with an announcement of a new DC Comics' character heading to Star City for Season 5. Oliver Queen may be the vigilante that walks the streets and lurks on rooftops, but the city will have to prepare for another one as they see the reveal of Wild Dog.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Team Arrow is indeed getting bigger in Season 5 with the addition of Rick Gonzalez, who will be playing the role of Wild Dog.

Gonzalez is known for his roles on Mr. Robot, Rosewood, and Rush, so he's no stranger to the small screen. As for Wild Dog, he's not yet a series regular, but he is going to be appearing in multiple episodes this fall in Season 5.

For those who aren't aware of the character known as Wild Dog, he started out as a guy named Jack Wheeler in DC Comics. Wheeler was a college football player with aspirations of making it big in the pros, but an injury caused him to drop out of school and join the Marines.

When getting out of the Armed Forces, Wheeler got his life back together and realized he could do some good in the world by exacting justice on criminals. Actually, he ends up seeing his fiancée murdered by the mafia, and he becomes Wild Dog to avenge her death.

Meanwhile, there is another character being hinted at by Arrow's creators, and it could very well be another addition to Season 5. As reported by Screen Rant, Amell has said that the major villain is not super-powered, but some of the crew are hinting at The Spectre making his debut later this year.

Arrow is just the latest comic book TV show to add new characters for its upcoming season. The list keeps on growing and that's going to do nothing but make fans happy. As of now, here are some of the new characters confirmed or possibly arriving.

[Image via DC Comics]