‘Gotham’ Recasting A Big-Time Villain For Season 3 — Three Other New Villains Coming In

Fox is really upping the evil in Season 3 of Gotham with some new faces making their debuts in big fashion. At the end of Season 2, there was a hint to a brand new villain coming in, and it was a pretty awesome little drop. As for the other villain, she has already been on the show for a while now, but the series is going to recast Poison Ivy because it’s time to up the adult factor.

In Season 2 of Gotham, some brand new villains were brought into the picture, as the world was introduced to Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange, and Clayface. As exciting as that was, Season 3 could bring in even more great villains. TV Line is reporting that the show will recast the role of Poison Ivy.

Clare Foley has played the part of Ivy Pepper (aka Poison Ivy) well in an intermittent role, but she will not be coming back for another run. The reason for that is Ivy Pepper is going to be turning into the full-on evil adult Poison Ivy who knows her way around greenery.

Casting is underway for an actress who is in her late teens, and it is expected that she will become a series regular instead of just showing up now and then. While this is thrilling, many fans are even more excited about the other villains who may show up in Season 3 of Gotham.

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As reported by Screen Crush, the Mad Hatter is fully expected to show up in Season 3, and fans are going to be very happy to see Jervis Tetch. Apparently, the Tweedle Brothers will be coming in with him, which makes that little group one of the strongest set of villains yet.

Gotham executive producer John Stephens has confirmed that Mad Hatter is on his way, and all of the references during Season 2 will not just go without an ending.

Stephens has also said that there will be some other villains heading in, and that includes Talon from the Court of Owls. Obviously, that could lead to a few others joining him, but the show may just stick with Talon for a while.

gotham recasting poison ivy clare foley mad hatter season 3 solomon grundy
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John Stephens gave the name of one other villain who will likely show up in Season 3 of Gotham, but it was very quick and not a lot was said about him.

Stephens simply said, “And, we should be seeing Solomon Grundy.”

It’s very interesting to see Grundy’s name on the list of those appearing, as he’s a zombie.

Grundy actually made an appearance in the second season of Arrow on the CW, but the character was killed off and never heard from again. It’s not entirely shocking that he is showing up in a series about Batman’s villainous enemies, but pulling off the zombie character will be cool to see.

gotham recasting poison ivy clare foley mad hatter season 3
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These new bad guys could really take this show to the next level as it continuously introduces all of those who will oppose Batman in the future.

Gotham has taken a while to get going and really get some momentum under it, but it’s starting to come around for Fox. Fans are taking to it more as time goes on, and they’re getting really excited for what is to come. Poison Ivy could have a much bigger role in Season 3 as she is being recast, and it wouldn’t make sense to do that for a small part. The additions of the Mad Hatter, Talon, and Solomon Grundy are really thrilling and could make Gotham the show one that fans don’t want to miss.

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