Maci Bookout Parties And Drinks Beer Two Weeks After Giving Birth: Faces Harsh Criticism

Maci Bookout announced that she was expecting her third child shortly after she gave birth to her daughter, Jayde. While Taylor McKinney had been skeptical about getting married and starting a family so early in his life, Maci was ready to become a mother again. And the original Teen Mom star quickly got pregnant with her third child, a son. Bookout gave birth on May 31 and has remained somewhat out of the spotlight to focus on being a parent and getting into the groove of nursing a newborn. But apparently things are going well, because she was ready to party with her friends over the weekend, leaving her newborn at home.

According to a new Radar Online report, Maci Bookout was spotted out at a concert this past weekend with her friends, who were ready to party and relax. Her friend posted a picture of them at the concert, sharing that she was ready to party, drink cold beers, and hang out with friends. Maci, however, didn’t mention drinking beer on her social media pages.

good music, cold beer & good friends #thingsthatmatter

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“Headed out to #Riverbend to support our local guy @Kanebrown,” Maci tweeted on social media, as her friend posted a picture of the couple together with the caption, “good music, cold beer & good friends #Thingsthatmatter.”

Her Teen Mom fans are having quite a negative reaction to Bookout’s decision to leave her newborn child at home to go to a concert with friends. But Maci hasn’t responded to any of the criticism, as she probably knows what she’s doing.

“Didn’t you just have your third kid 2 weeks ago?? Stay home. Parent,” a user tweeted, as another wrote, “She only had babies to lock down a husband. No care at all toward them.”

Another commenter added, “She also drank during her pregnancy!”

It’s no secret that Maci Bookout loves her beer. When she was filming Teen Mom, she would often talk about how she wanted a beer and people just blamed her young and age and her immaturity. But when she was pregnant with Jayde, she was also caught drinking a beer. During the episode in question, she had a visible baby bump and she was drinking from a beer can. And fans were furious.

“Every scene of @MaciBookoutMTV shows her drinking beer and she knows damn well she’s pregnant,” a user tweeted at the time, while a second person wrote, “There’s no way being 4 months at the time you wouldn’t know being pregnant in this episode.”

And this isn’t all. According to OK! Magazine, Maci Bookout was also criticized for sharing a picture on Instagram shortly after Jayde was born, where she was holding the baby in her arm and holding a can of beer in her hand. She was taking the photo with her other hand. People were outraged, tweeting that she should watch out that she doesn’t drop beer on her baby and asking her not to drink while she’s breastfeeding.

Maci doesn’t seem to care too much about what people are saying about her decisions to drink. She has already been consuming alcohol throughout her other pregnancies, and those children turned out fine. Maybe she doesn’t think she’s hurting the child. No word on whether her doctor has advised her against drinking, given her alcohol consumption has been documented on national television.

What do you think of Maci Bookout’s decision to go out to a concert even though she has just given birth to her third child? Do you think she went out too early, or do you think it’s healthy for a new mom to get out there and relax a little?

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