Love Triangle Gone Bad; Woman Accused Of Poisoning Lovers With Anti-Freeze And Muscle Relaxers

Tara Jackson, 22, is accused of poisoning both of her lovers. The North Carolina woman allegedly poured anti-freeze into her boyfriend’s can of Mountain Dew and spiking her other lover’s potato with a muscle relaxant. Law enforcement officers believe Jackson was entangled in a love triangle with her live-in significant other and the couple’s next door neighbor.

The stealthy southern woman was reportedly able to keep her housemate, Jason Whitener and friendly neighbor, Donald Russell, from knowing about one another. The accused poisoning suspect and Whitener each identified themselves as “single” on their Facebook profiles until August 6, when the pair changed their relationship status to “engaged.”

Jason Whitener was admitted into a local hospital after the presumed anti-freeze poisoning, prompting the police investigation. He spent three weeks in intensive care on life support before his bodily organs started to shut down. Although he is expected to live, doctors told the victim a full recovery is not likely, according to the Daily Mail. Even though he believes his live-in girlfriend tried to kill him with the deadly car fluid, Whitener said he is still in love and plans on returning to the mobile home he shared with the woman who allegedly put him into intensive care, WSOCTV reports.

During the WSOCTV interview the victim had this to say:

“I still love her. I just want to know why she had done all this. I tried to give her the best place to live that I could.”

Burke County law enforcement officers arrested Jackson and charged her with two counts of distributing a poisonous substance in food.

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