Calvin Harris Blames Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston Met Gala Get-Together For Breakup: His Reaction Revealed!

Calvin Harris is fuming over the news that Taylor Swift has moved on with Tom Hiddleston, reportedly having looked back at the video footage that surfaced of the new couple at the Met Gala last month.

Taylor and Tom giggled and shared endless laughs as they danced to several Beyonce songs without a care in the world. And while their chemistry with one another seemed rather innocent, Calvin is convinced that the Met Gala incident played a significant part in his sudden split from the singer.

As previously reported, Calvin had been suspecting that Taylor was cheating on him prior to their split, and now that he’s looking back at video clips of Swift and Hiddleston on the Internet, he’s now making sense of the situation — Taylor must have been hooking up with Tom before the couple’s breakup.

Whether or not that is true has yet to be determined, but it does seem strange for Swift to have already found herself a new man just two weeks after her split from the music producer, who was once romantically linked to pop star Rita Ora.

By the look of things, Calvin had no intentions to break up with Taylor, but after having seen how distant she became in the weeks prior to their split, he allegedly got the impression that she no longer wanted to be with him. And that was confirmed when photos of Swift and Hiddleston kissing surfaced on the internet last night.

A source told Hollywood Life, “Now that these pictures have come out, he instantly went back to the Met Gala moment in his mind, he has lots of questions and is disappointed in Taylor. It goes against everything he thought she would do. It puts her in a bad light in his mind, he doesn’t like how this is all turning out.”

The DJ is reportedly heartbroken by the revelation. He has removed all of his photos with Taylor from his official Instagram account and infamously deleted the tweet where he stressed that the two will remain good friends despite having gone their separate ways.

Calvin feels betrayed. If Taylor had the decency to sit him down and tell him that she wanted to move on without him, that might have been more acceptable. But for her to wait until he broke up with her so that she could be made as the victim in the situation – well, some might find that very distasteful, and Harris’ fans seem to agree.

It is unclear as to how long Taylor has been seeing Tom, but judging by their chemistry at the Met Gala, it seems as if they have known each other for a while. Some even believe that they were already hooking up prior to attending the annual fashion event together.

“Calvin wanted nothing more than to have no controversy with their break up, and that is why he originally stated when they broke up that love was still there,” a source explained at the time, but now things have definitely turned around and Harris is fuming.

With that said, Calvin Harris has no plans to make any comments regarding the situation in public — the couple has moved on from one another, and while Taylor Swift seemed to have been playing in the weeks prior to their split, Harris has no other choice but to take it like a man and move on with his life.

[Photo by Joe Scarnici, Ben A. Pruchnie, and Jason Merritt/Getty Images]