Calvin Harris Suspected Taylor Swift Was Cheating With Tom Hiddleston — Real Reason For Breakup Revealed

Calvin Harris was becoming suspicious of Taylor Swift’s friendship with Tom Hiddleston weeks before he called it quits with the singer, it has been revealed.

Taylor shocked fans last night when photos of her and Tom surfaced on the Internet. Many were stunned that Swift was already in a new relationship, considering the fact that she had only split from Calvin less than two weeks ago.

But from what sources have gathered, Swift’s romance with Hiddleston might have been going on while the “Shake It Off” hitmaker was still seeing Calvin Harris, which reportedly infuriated the famous producer beyond belief.

The 32-year-old allegedly ended the relationship because he supposedly felt as if Swift was up to something, strongly hinting that she may have become distant — and what Calvin initially feared ending up being the reality of things since Taylor is now officially with Tom Hiddleston.

“Calvin suspected something was up with Taylor for weeks before their breakup, and his suspicions were confirmed June 15 when pics surfaced of Taylor making out with Tom,” sources tell TMZ, strongly insinuating that their split came down to Harris’ fears that Swift was cheating on him.

While it is unclear whether Taylor Swift really cheated on Calvin, it does seem rather strange for the 26-year-old to have already found herself a new man when it hasn’t even been a month since her breakup with the British-born star. Did Taylor ever love Calvin Harris for her to have moved on so quickly?

“Taylor and Calvin were in a committed relationship, but he suspected something was up in early May, a month before their breakup,” the insider continued. Having spent 15 months with the singer, Calvin could tell when Taylor wasn’t being herself, and weeks before their split, Swift definitely wasn’t being herself.

She was famously seen dancing and laughing with Hiddleston at the Met Gala last month. An insider at the time revealed that Calvin was already suspecting that something was going on seeing how Taylor became much more distant in their romance prior to their split. Overall, it just seemed like Swift was over the relationship and couldn’t wait to have Harris dump her, giving her the perfect chance to hook up with Tom.

Following the official news that Taylor is now dating Hiddleston, Calvin Harris wasted no time to unfollow his ex-girlfriend on Twitter. On top of that, the tweet he posted a couple of days ago about there being nothing but love between the two following their split was also deleted.

And while Calvin hadn’t bothered to remove any photos of Taylor and him on his Instagram account after their breakup, once Harris heard about Swift’s new romance with Tom Hiddleston, every picture of the couple on his social media accounts suddenly vanished.

It is clear that Calvin Harris is fuming over Taylor’s new relationship with Tom, having suspected that the singer was trying to get with the actor for weeks. The DJ seems convinced that this romance was already going on while Swift was still with Harris, but having seen that she’s already moved on from Harris, it begs the question of whether she ever loved the 32-year-old to begin with.

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