Paul Ryan Known As ‘Bowhunter’ To Secret Service

Paul Ryan is the “Bowhunter.”

Mitt Romney’s running mate, who actually does go bowhunting, recently received his Secret Service code name. According to The Ticket, Ryan picked the name “bowhunter” for himself. Ryan’s wife, Jenna, got the code name “Buttercup.”

Here are some more secret service code names.

  • Mitt Romney: Javelin.
  • President Obama: Renegade
  • Michele Obama: Renaissance
  • Malia Obama: Radiance
  • Sasha Obama: Rosebud
  • Sen. John McCain (during the 2008 election): Phoenix.
  • Sarah Palin (during 2008): Denali.

Secret service code names were more important, and more secret, before the Secret Service and the White House had secure communication. Code names aren’t extremely important now since communication between the Secret Service and the White House is encrypted.

Ed Donovan, spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service, told GQ:

“Given modern capabilities to secure communications through encryption there is no longer any security relevance to protectee call signs.”

Now that code names are relatively irrelevant politicians can have a little fun with their nicknames. For instance, Salon points out that George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff Josh Bolten was code named “Fatboy.” The name, however, was not a reference to his appearance. Instead it referred to Bolten’s motorcycle, a Harley Davidson Fatboy.

What do you think of Paul Ryan’s code name “bowhunter?”