Kyle Richards Reacts To Yolanda Foster’s ‘RHOBH’ Departure

At least one of Yolanda Foster’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 co-stars has publicly reacted to the news that she isn’t returning for another season. On Wednesday, hours after Yolanda announced that she has chosen to leave the hit Bravo reality TV show, Kyle posted a tribute to Yolanda.

Kyle posted a photo collage of herself and Yolanda having fun through the years. She included the hashtag “#rhobhsisters” and a heart emoji, making it clear that she is sad to see Yolanda go.

#rhobhsisters #bravotvfamily @yolanda.hadid ????

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Many fans left comments telling Kyle that it was sweet of her to send such a message to Yolanda and expressed sadness over Yolanda’s departure from the show. Yet others left comments that cheered Yolanda’s departure, saying that they now won’t have to go through another season of Yolanda’s Lyme disease story line. There were also some who accused Kyle of being fake. They told Kyle that she didn’t stick up for Yolanda during her time on the show and is now just playing nice to make herself look good.

On Season 6, Kyle and Yolanda had several tense moments with one another after Yolanda felt that Kyle was joining some of the other women in questioning her illness and needlessly stirring up drama. In one scene, Yolanda even told Kyle that she “hold[s] a lot in [her] vault,” which Kyle took to be a threat. Yolanda then sent an e-mail to Kyle and the rest of the housewives that basically scolded her. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the unedited e-mail seemingly accused Kyle of complaining about Yolanda to the show’s producers and accusing her of not fulfilling her contract.

On Wednesday morning, Yolanda announced that she was leaving the show. In a lengthy Instagram post, Yolanda said that she would have loved a more “graceful” end to her time on the show than Season 6 but noted that people don’t always get to control how the chapters in life end. She wrote that she is now going to focus on her children, her recovery, and bringing privacy back into her life. She thanked her fans for all of their support over the past four years and said that she was grateful for the Real Housewives experience.

As for whether it was Yolanda’s decision to leave the show or if she was fired, Yolanda pointedly included the word “CHOICE.”

Was it really Yolanda Foster’s choice to leave? Andy Cohen, who is executive producer of the franchise and hosts the reunion shows, tweeted that Yolanda is loved, suggesting that he at least would have liked Yolanda to stay on for another season.

Last week, after reports came out stating that Yolanda was fired, former Real Housewives star Brandi Glanville spoke out about Yolanda’s future on the show. Contrary to being fired, Brandi told People that Yolanda was deciding whether or not to return. Brandi added that she encouraged Yolanda to continue doing it so that she can show everyone her comeback.

“She’s deciding whether or not to come back to Housewives. And I was like, ‘Girl, you need to do it because we want to see you get better, we WANT TO see you come out through this divorce, and show people that, even through divorce, you’re okay. You can be in your 50s and be hot as f***.’”

Perhaps Yolanda will still be seen on the show but in a lesser capacity? There have been women who left the show but returned as a “friend” of the housewives or as a guest on a few episodes on the next or later seasons. Brandi, who turned down the producers’ offer of a recurring role on Season 5, still showed up in a few scenes with Yolanda. Yolanda introduced Erika Girardi to the group last season as a good friend and the two have remained friends. Perhaps, if Erika returns next season as a starring cast member, Yolanda will show up in a few scenes with her.

Yolanda Foster joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on the third season. Since then, viewers have seen her go through major changes in her life. Not only did she come down with Lyme disease, which left her stuck in bed for months on end, her marriage to David Foster fell apart. Season 6 showed her struggling with her Lyme disease and her determination to find a cure while some of her co-stars questioned her illness. It also touched briefly on the end of her marriage and subsequently moving into a condo of her own.

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