Michele Fiore: Bundy-Defending GOP Assemblywoman Loses Congressional Bid

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore made a name for herself in early 2016 when she became an outspoken, Bundy-defending supporter of the Oregon “patriot” standoff. She played a role in brokering the standoff between a group of self-proclaimed “patriots” and the federal government when a group of armed militia members held a northeastern Oregon wildlife refuge hostage for weeks in January. Michele Fiore also publicly supported Cliven Bundy’s armed standoff with the feds in Nevada in 2014.

Now, Michele Fiore is reaping the consequences of her anti-government, Bundy-defending ways. The Nevada Assemblywoman just lost her bid to join the U.S. House of Representatives. As Talking Points Memo reports, Michele Fiore, the Bundy-defending, gun-loving Republican, saw her dreams of increased political influence fizzle out on Tuesday. That’s when voters gave Michele Fiore’s campaign a resounding “No!” vote.

Fiore not only lost, she lost badly. The militia-loving, Bundy-defending assemblywoman came in a distant third, only able to scrape together a meager 18 percent of the local vote following her participation in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation. She was running for a seat in the Nevada 3rd Congressional district.

Michele Fiore has been very outspoken in her support for the militia members that illegally occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge back in January of 2016. Those self-described “patriots,” led by Ammon Bundy (son of notorious Nevada welfare rancher Cliven Bundy), have since been arrested for their crimes against the reserve and the federal government, and most of the participants are still in federal prison awaiting trial.

In the aftermath of the armed occupation of the Oregon refuge, one of the dozens of militia members who participated in holding the refuge hostage was shot and killed by federal agents when he attempted to drive his vehicle through a police roadblock, then exited his vehicle and reached for a weapon. According to Michele Fiore, that man, LaVoy Finicum, was “murdered with his hands up.”


Authorities have said that contrary to Michele Fiore’s words, Finicum was shot when he reached into his jacket for a weapon, and video of the incident substantiating the official story has been released.

During and after the armed occupation of the Oregon wildlife refuge, Michele Fiore was one of the most prominent Bundy-supporting defenders of the entire business. She publicly came out in support of the entire Bundy family, whom she has repeatedly called “patriots.”


Michele Fiore has also made disturbing headlines for her off-putting comments about gun rights and the Second Amendment. Some of Fiore’s comments have been related to Bundy-defending and her own idea of what constitutes “patriotism,” but some of her more disturbing words came even before the Bundys took it upon themselves to take over an unguarded wildlife refuge in the name of patriotism.

Back in December 2015, Michele Fiore said she would willingly fly to Europe and shoot Syrian refugees in the head (these damning words came at the height of the Syrian refugee crisis). Later that month, Michele Fiore continued offending many (including her potential voter base if her recent, epic loss is any indication) by sending out a Christmas card in which every member of her family was pictured armed, including her 5-month-old grandson.

Among the most controversial and heavily censured comments made by Fiore was regarding citizens shooting police. Back in May, Bundy-defending Michele Fiore drew censure from Nevada’s largest police union when she suggested that citizens can point their guns at police if law enforcement draws first, reports Talking Points Memo. In response to Michele Fiore’s controversial comments, she received a critical letter from Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers Executive Director Rick McCann.

“[Your remarks are] utterly irresponsible, an embarrassment to your District and our State, and they continue to demonstrate why you are unqualified to hold the position of United States Congresswoman.”

While Michele Fiore took a trouncing in the House race, Republican Danny Tarkanian was able to rise to victory with 34 percent of the vote.

[Photo by Cathleen Allison/AP Images]