Charlie Hunnam To The Rescue! 'Sons Of Anarchy' Star Arranges To Meet Fans Who Were Duped At 'SOA' Reunion

Perry Carpenter

Charlie Hunnam is making amends for the debacle at Space City Comic Con.

Fans expected a Sons of Anarchy reunion at the Houston event. The organizers, however, failed to pay the Sons of Anarchy stars for their appearance, which led to some heated words and a confrontation in which cops were called.

In the end, Hunnam and the rest of the crew bailed after management refused to pay what they had promised.

Fortunately, Bleeding Cool is reporting that Hunnam is once again in Houston for Comicpalooza and has plans to make everything right with fans.

According to Houston Press, Hunnam announced the exciting news in a special letter to fans.

"In an effort to personally make amends for the disappointment caused by Space City Comic Con, I am coming back to Houston this weekend (June 18th & 19th) to attend Comicpalooza. Everyone who has a valid Space City SOA VIP package ticket will be given a free three day pass to the event, a free autograph and a free photograph with me"

"I am doing this of my own accord with the kind and generous cooperation of Comicpalooza," he stated. "This has absolutely nothing to do with Space City or its organizers and should in no way affect your efforts to seek appropriate restitution from Space City."

In addition to Hunnam's words, the founder of Comicpalooza, John Simons, shared a few words about Hunnam's appearance in an interview with Chron.

"We know that Charlie's recent trip to Texas to meet with fans did not go as either he or his fans had hoped," Simons stated. "But it's simply amazing that he would come right back to create a memorable experience for his fans almost immediately. He is very dedicated to his fans, and we are honored to have him at Comicpalooza."

The Space City event promised to feature a highly-anticipated Sons of Anarchy reunion that included most of the cast members from the hit biker drama, as well as creator Kurt Sutter. Despite failing to deliver as promised, the event did not refund any money to fans who had paid steep prices to see their favorite characters back in action.

Not all of the details surrounding Space City have been released yet, but it seems that Hunnam and his co-stars were not treated with respect by event organizers. Coupled with the financial problems, the stars were forced to back out at the last minute.

Either way, the news will likely bolster the numbers for Comicpalooza, which has enjoyed large crowds in the past. As far as Hunnam is concerned, the actor is definitely going to have a busy weekend ahead.

Despite being set in the same city, Comicpalooza is not affiliated in any way with Space City Comic Con.

Fans can see Charlie Hunnam in action during Comicpalooza, which is scheduled to run over the weekend of June 17 -19.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]