Blac Chyna Delivery Room Guest List: Who Made The Cut? [Video]

In true Kardashian style, Blac Chyna has created a guest list of who will be allowed in her delivery room. But the real question is: Who has Chyna left out?

According to insiders, Blac Chyna, who is engaged to Rob Kardashian and expecting the couple’s first child, has been busy not just with hosting nightclub parties and oversharing on Instagram and Snapchat, but also with creating an exclusive list of people she wants with her on the big day and those she wants banned.

Speaking to Radar Online, a Chyna and Rob insider sniffed that “[i]t’s so typical of her, but she’s seriously compiling a list of those family members she wants banned from the hospital.” In fact, the list has reportedly gotten so crazy that the Chymoji creator is “talking about what kind of security she wants at the hospital,” while her fiance, Rob, has “been joking about setting up a velvet rope outside the delivery room!”

Since the Kardashians are the most photographed celebrities in the world, having super tight security makes sense — especially when Rob and Blac Chyna will be getting a reported seven figures for the first exclusive photographs of their baby! The couple also has sealed a million dollar deal to star in their new reality series, Rob & Chyna, and are rumored to be working on an additional multi-million deal for the exclusive rights to film their upcoming wedding.

One Kardashian family member who’s rumored to be off the list is Kylie Jenner, with whom Blac Chyna has feuded ever since Jenner stole Tyga from her. While Kylie and Chyna claim to have made up, sharing mutual selfies on Instagram, insiders reveal it’s not necessarily the case.

So who is on the list? Kim Kardashian for one.

Kim and Blac Chyna go way back and were super tight before Tyga dumped Blac for Kylie, a move that completely “broke” Blac Chyna’s heart, Kim revealed on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. After Tyga began dating Kylie, Kim and Blac Chyna stopped getting along, and Blac Chyna took to trashing the Kardashian family on social media.

But once they learned that Chyna was going to have a baby with Rob, everything changed, and Kim and Blac have rekindled their once-close friendship. Insiders gush that Chyna is “really leaning on Kim right now,” and Kardashian has accompanied Rob and his fiancee to prenatal appointments.

In fact, the two women have become so close that Blac Chyna wants Kim and Kanye to be godparents to Rob’s child, “so Kim’s definitely on the ‘welcome’ list,” the source revealed.

In the meantime, Blac Chyna has been sharing pregnancy photos on Instagram and Snapchat and making bank with endorsement deals. In a recent Instagram photo, Blac Chyna sported flaming red hair and a black skin-tight catsuit — complete with a cleavage-revealing neckline!

The black catsuit hid her growing baby bump, but in a later photo, Blac Chyna made sure it was all about featuring her belly as she wore a stylish but comfortable gray outfit and posed with boxes from 4 Moms.

For now, that’s about all anyone can expect to hear about the baby. Although Blac Chyna and Rob reportedly know the gender of their baby, they’re not saying anything. According to insiders, Rob and Blac Chyna are “very excited about the baby,” but “[w]hen someone asks how Chyna and the baby are doing, he smiles and says ‘great,'” but he definitely “won’t share any details. They are saving it for their show.”

And it’s not just when fans ask.

“Even when friends ask,” the source continued, “they refer to their show and say they will share it all on the show.”

What do you think? Is Blac Chyna right to have an exclusive delivery room guest list, or is it too much? Leave a comment below!

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