Javi Marroquin Gets Help In Meeting Girl Online: ‘Is Your Sister Single?’

Mary Jane - Author

Jun. 15 2016, Updated 6:03 a.m. ET

Javi Marroquin is still serving overseas, so he’s been able to stay out of all the divorce drama that has been playing out in the media, including on social media. Kailyn Lowry’s behavior and random tweets have started various rumors about their pending divorce, and it sounds like these two are indeed done for good.

Recently, rumors of cheating surfaced on social media, and Javi was upset over his wife finding love and comfort elsewhere. Another report suggested that these two actually separated months ago and that they had been living separate lives for a long time.

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According to a new set of tweets, Javi Marroquin may be ready to date again. One can imagine that he didn’t decide on a divorce just a month ago since he’s already flirting up a storm on social media. Javi has returned to social media and reached out to a Crossfit lover named Brooke Wells. But Marroquin wasn’t interested in Brooke — he wanted her to introduce him to her sister.

“Is your sister single tho?!” Javi tweeted to Brooke Wells with the emoticon with hearts as eyes after she started promoting some products that she had available.

And surprisingly, Brooke thought it would be fun to introduce the two, sharing her Twitter handle with Javi, who eagerly reached out to her sister, Sydney.

“Lol hi Sydney,” Javi tweeted the sister, sharing the blushing emoticon, but she didn’t reply.

Of course, many people had an opinion about Javi flirting with another woman on social media for all to see. Because the news of the divorce has just surfaced, people think it is too soon for him to be dating again. But if the two actually split months ago as some report suggest, then he could be more than ready to hit the dating market.

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“Seriously Javi? Soon no?” one person wrote to Javi in response to his tweets, while another added, “anybody would be better then what you had.”

And it sounds like many people had their opinions about Lowry, as another person wrote on social media, “This Sydney gal has much more to offer than Kale ever did/ or will.”

As for Kailyn, she hasn’t said much about Javi’s return to social media. The two haven’t tweeted one another in a while, and some reports reveal that they don’t follow one another anymore. Last week, rumors surfaced that Lowry had cheated on Javi while he was serving overseas. And how did Kailyn react to these rumors?

“Takes one to know one,” Kailyn tweeted, clearly making an accusatory statement.

Many of Javi’s fans are eager to see him move on from the Teen Mom marriage. Javi’s fans believe that he could do so much better and have the child he so desperately wants. It’s no secret that his marriage to Lowry failed because she didn’t want to give him more children.

“If only the world could have more men like you Javi. Thank you for your service, without men like you America wouldn’t be what it is today. May God continue to bless you and your family now & always,” one person wrote on one of his Instagram pictures.

Another added, “Javi find yourself a good girl not a broken one. It’s not to say she can’t be loved but she needs to work on herself before jumping into all relationships. She cannot love anyone they way they deserve to be loved until she can love herself. And that would entail a lot of work and patience on her part. If your own parents do not want you it’s hard to resolve that within yourself. But you are an awesome guy with a loving family you need to move on and find a girl who’s ready to receive the love you and your loved ones want to give. Kaylin isn’t and will not be ready for a while.”

What do you think of Javi Marroquin flirting with another woman on Twitter? Do you think he should move on?

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]


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