Wait, What? Angelina Jolie Wants Daniel Craig, ‘Broke’ Brad Pitt Hearts Jennifer Aniston As Rumors Fly

The supermarket tabloids and webloids are getting ever more inventive, it seems. They are now pairing off Angelina Jolie Pitt with 007 star Daniel Craig, while Brad is reportedly still hankering after his ex, Jennifer Aniston.

It’s amazing what clickbait headlines and tacky rumors can do to draw revenue and page views, and the worst thing is that so many members of the public believe said rumors. Checking through the various reports online, all source Radar Online or In Touch Magazine as the culprit that first leaked the “news.”

Angelina Jolie and Daniel Craig “blowing up the phones”

Search on Angelina Jolie’s name on Google News and a multitude of articles appear. Right at the top at time of writing is the news that the Maleficent star is secretly communicating with the former James Bond lead, Daniel Craig.

The infamous Radar Online started spreading the rumor saying that back in 2001 the pair reportedly had a fling on the set of Tomb Raider. Fast-forward to right now, and they are allegedly back in touch over their shared interest in humanitarian causes.

Radar Online alleged that, “Angelina called him to praise his efforts, and the pair have been blowing up the phones ever since.”

Gossip Cop naturally came to the rescue to put the story right. In their report they said the “first major flaw with the webloid’s tale is that Jolie and Craig never hooked up.”

Nevertheless, the rumor-blasting website did due diligence and contacted a representative for Craig, who assured them the “secret phone call” claims are simply “incorrect.”

Brad and Angelina are “fighting over money”

Next in line is a story doing the rounds that Angelina and Brad are “fighting over money.” Emanating from the digital pen of Radar Online, the story goes that Brangelina have been living an “excessively lavish lifestyle beyond their means.”

According to them, Jolie was refusing to sign up for the lead role in a sequel to the Maleficent film, “even though it will bring in cash they desperately need.” But that’s not all. Reportedly Angelina has recently turned down several lucrative roles, causing the couple to fight constantly over a lack of money.

Gossip Cop to the rescue, yet again, and their sources tell them the couple has plenty of cash and isn’t arguing over finances. It also turns out Angelina has, in fact, signed on for Maleficent 2, and reportedly this is a “passion project” for her.

Brad and Angelina and Justin and Jennifer are “getting divorced”

The previous recent bit of “news” about Angelina Jolie is even being broadcast by Parent Herald. That website claims it “covers daily news on trends, health, and tips for today’s parenting lifestyle.” They are obviously not too concerned about spreading rumors that Brangelina’s family of six kids is about to have a broken home.

The article quotes In Touch Magazine as reporting that not only are Angelina and Brad Pitt breaking up, but also, rather conveniently, the recently wed Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston. This particular rumor is a double-barreled one, as they are aiming to fictionally pair up Brad with Jennifer, his former wife.

Of course, Justin and Jennifer are well known to be a happily married couple, with no sign of divorce in the near future.

While all this is happening, Brangelina is doing just fine. Brad is still busy on the set of the World War II epic Allied and was recently seen arriving at the Los Angeles (LAX) airport dressed very nattily all in white.

Hall of Fame reports that Brad looks just fine, considering he is allegedly “worried sick” over his wife’s health and having a “fling” with Marion Cotillard, while Angelina is allegedly hungering over the 007 star.

While Brad is busy with the movie, Angelina has her own, very worthwhile projects on the go.

She is continuing her humanitarian work as Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and this role has led to the actress and humanitarian being honored with a Visiting Professorship at the London School of Economics’ Center for Women, Peace and Security.

Reportedly, the new job starts in the fall of 2016, and Jolie Pitt will play an active role in the center, continuing her own work with the refugees while giving guest lectures to students and participating in various expert workshops and public events.

More recently, it has been reported by The Inquisitr that Angelina will be a guest editor on an upcoming episode of Woman’s Hour on the BBC’s radio station, Radio 4, a show that will air on June 17.

The latest news on Angelina relates to the hand-drawn animated feature film The Breadwinner, which is executive produced by Angelina Jolie Pitt and has been boarded by indie animation distributor GKIDS. The film tells the tale of a young Afghani girl who has to disguise herself as a boy in order to support her family when her father is imprisoned by the Taliban.

It is certainly hard to imagine someone who is allegedly so “frail” from a “cigarette and wine diet” and “fighting” constantly with husband Brad over affairs and money achieving these honors and doing so much good for refugees and women affected by war in the world.

[Photo Angelina Jolie Pitt by Jason Merritt/Getty Images International – Daniel Craig by Sean Gallup – Brad Pitt by Astrid Stawiarz – Jennifer Aniston by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment]