Conn. Mom Breastfeeds Baby In Target, Says She Was ‘Verbally Assaulted’ For Feeding Child In Public

A Conn. woman was humiliated on Monday after a man “verbally assaulted” her for breastfeeding her 4-week-old baby in a Target food court.

Jessie Maher of Canton was shopping at the Torrington Target store on Monday when her newborn started getting fussy. Maher realized her child was hungry, and took a seat at a table in the food court to breastfeed her baby. Not long after, an older man started yelling at her, calling her “disgusting” and a “whore,” and requested a refund from the cashier.

After the man started verbally assaulting her, Jessie decided to get out her phone to record what was happening. She later shared the video on Facebook, and as of Tuesday afternoon, it had been viewed more than 4.2 million times and shared more than 60,000 times.