Kate Middleton And Prince Harry, Their Clear Bond, Truly Are Fun-Loving ‘Partners In Crime’

It’s clear that Kate Middleton and Prince Harry have a fun relationship. One that resembles that of a real brother and sister. It’s evident that Kate is the sister Harry never had, and that stable young woman in his life who is surely very much a reminder of his late mother Princess Diana.

The duo are often pictured laughing together and sharing moments that can only be described as adorable. As Harry navigates the waters in his attempts to find a suitable match that can live up to the hefty expectations of marrying a royal, he looks to Middleton for advice and inspiration as to what he hopes to find.

The Mirror shares more about the close ties between Duchess Kate and Prince Harry.

“He is her firm ally as she develops her role in the Royal family, putting her at her ease with a well-timed in-joke as she performs the public duties she’s still relatively new to. And over the 13 years that Kate has been with husband Prince William, her touching friendship with his brother Prince Harry has developed into a fine bromance. Whenever the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are with the rest of the Royal family, Harry is never far from Kate’s side.”

Even at the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration over the weekend, Harry had Kate in bouts of laughter, and the two were very close throughout the procession. Harry seems to act, much like his brother, as a protector of Kate, appreciating her for her part in a very difficult role. Both Princes are aware that Middleton is now experiencing what their own mother went through before her untimely death and do their best to support her through it all.

As royal expert Ingrid Steward, who is editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, says “Harry is very sensitive to the fact that Kate had to come into this role and wasn’t born into it.”

The royal expert elaborated on the relationship between the two young royals.

“He realises this is exactly what happened to his mother except his mother was much younger. He empathises with Kate and what she is going through. We know it is not as easy for her as it looks. She finds it quite difficult although she would never let on as she is too much of a pro. Kate and Harry giggle about silly things together and he is very gentle with her.”

Since Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement in 2010, Harry has been a confidante and ally to the beauty, ensuring that she feels welcome and a part of the family. Additionally, Prince Harry spoke about Kate following the 2011 Royal Wedding.

“To have a big sister is very, very nice. I’ve got to know Catherine pretty well, but now that she’s becoming part of the family, I’m really looking forward to getting her under my wing – or she’ll be taking me under her wing probably.”

As the future king of England, Prince William ensures to have a more formal manner in public and while in his wife’s presence at appearances. Prince Harry, being less burdened by the high expectations his brother has on him, acts in a more laid back and fun manner when at events. Kate allows herself to be more free and fun with her brother-in-law, and he plays the role of her “partner in crime” remarkably well.

Kate Middleton often will arrive at formal events with both William and Harry by her side and the three are also now involved in a fantastic charity supporting mental health awareness, #Headstogether campaign, as Huffington Post shared. The Duchess has got her two Princes looking out for her while she takes on the media constantly, and it seems a pretty perfect setup for the stunner.

[Photo by Arthur Edwards/WPA Pool/Getty Images]