Charlie Sheen Has A New Job As A Condom Salesman

Perhaps Charlie Sheen has decided to make lemonade out of lemons, because he is now selling condoms, something he avoided for many years before he was diagnosed with HIV. Sheen is now working with a company called LELO to launch a new line of condoms. Sheen says he got behind the new condom line because LELO has new technology in condoms, and who better to be the face of the new condoms than Sheen, who also wants to be the face of safe sex and protection.

According to the Inquisitr, Charlie Sheen has come clean to explain that his current circumstance is largely due to his irresponsible behavior. But since his HIV diagnosis, Charlie Sheen claims he has put his life in better order, has cut out drugs, and has cut down on his drinking. Sheen claims that he no longer goes on “benders,” yet much of his erratic behavior concerning his former wives and his children seems to have stayed the same. Sheen, who claims that he was being blackmailed by those who knew his HIV secret, now says a weight was lifted off his shoulders after telling the truth about his HIV status.

But Radar Online is reporting that Charlie Sheen is looking for business opportunities that suit his new outlook on life and fall in line with his claim that he is out to cure HIV and AIDS. Sheen, who eschewed condoms in the past, is now totally on board with LELO’s new product.

“It is the first change to the condom both the appeal and technology in 70 years. Shouldn’t a guy with five kids, a granddaughter and HIV be buying condoms and not selling them, but it does kind of make perfect sense. I don’t know if there is a better ‘spokesperson’ past, future and present to talk about the importance of condoms and the stigma they’ve had for so long.”

Charlie Sheen claims that with the new condom technology, it’s as if one is not using a condom at all.

“It’s amazing, it’s almost like there’s nothing between you and the moment.”

In the past, Charlie Sheen was said to only use lambskin condoms, if he used condoms at all, and according to sexologist Barbara Carrellas, lambskin condoms do not protect from STDs and HIV.

“There are microscopic holes in lambskin condoms. Sperm doesn’t get through them but viruses and bacteria do.”

The New York Daily News says that Charlie Sheen is embracing his new role of safe sex advocate by working with LELO on their new product, LELO Hex. Sheen says that in the past, the word condom was synonymous with less pleasure and inconvenience, but the new product changes all that, and the benefits far outweigh any inconvenience.

Sheen calls LELO’s new product “amazing,” and he wants to spread the word to all the men that think that HIV can’t happen to them that it can. Sheen says that HIV has now altered his way of thinking.

Sheen says that he now understands the old adage that youth is wasted on the young. Those who want to live a wild and free lifestyle still can, according to Sheen, but with one little change: using protection. With the new technology provided by LELO, it’s not the same inconvenience that it used to be.

Sheen will not disclose how much he is being paid by LELO Hex to be the face of their new condoms. Sheen was also asked if he planned to donate any of the money to HIV research, but Sheen and his reps had no comment.

Are you surprised that Charlie Sheen is now the face of a line of condoms?

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