Marie Reyes No Longer Talks To LeeAnne, Hints Tiffany Has Lied To Locken

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Jun. 14 2016, Updated 5:33 a.m. ET

Marie Reyes may not be a full-time housewife on The Real Housewives of Dallas, but she has clearly made some waves in Dallas with the ladies. On last week’s episode, Marie was on the receiving end of LeeAnne Locken’s fury as she threatened to kill Reyes. The two ladies were clearly not in agreement with one another, as Marie kept trying to say that she had done nothing wrong. To this day, Reyes claims that she hadn’t revealed Locken’s secret and that Locken should really take a look at her friendship with Tiffany Hendra.

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According to a new Bravo report, Marie Reyes is now revealing that she hasn’t actually spoken to Locken since the show ended. In fact, the drama in Austin was so intense that the two haven’t spoken since the show wrapped. That promises an interesting reunion, where the ladies will look back on the drama that played out this season. But for Marie, it was painful to relive the

“After the ladies trip to Austin, I was physically ill. Just watching the episode last week made it difficult for me to eat and sleep well. Fortunately, as time goes on, and the drama/trauma from last year’s ladies trip to Austin recedes, slowly but surely,” Marie Reyes reveals on her blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas, sharing that it was tough to watch the episode last week.

Marie didn’t address whether she had watched the apology video that LeeAnne had posted on social media after last week’s episode aired. Since the show wrapped, Marie Reyes has been working on her own skincare line, a line she calls RAGS II Riches Signature Skin Care Line. She recently threw a charity event where she could promote her new product. Reyes explains that this is the kind of event where LeeAnne would normally help her, but they weren’t speaking at the time. And they haven’t spoken since.

“In the past, this is the exact type of event LeeAnne would have worked with me on and furthered her charity involvement, but unfortunately, we haven’t spoken since this time last year,” Marie explains on her blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas.

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Reyes points out that she hadn’t talked about LeeAnne’s embarrassing moment in the back of the car, where she pooped herself. There were three people in the car that day: LeeAnne, Marie, and Tiffany Hendra. And Locken hasn’t questioned Tiffany, as she just assumes that her friend is completely innocent in this issue. But Marie Reyes stands by her innocent and explains that LeeAnne should really reconsider her friendship with Tiffany.

“Most people by now should be able to recognize that all of LeeAnne’s hurt and anger runs right back through to Tiffany’s actions. I’m not sure how Tiffany looks herself in the mirror with her mean girl actions, which don’t align with the dumb Tiff-irmations she posts all over social media. It’s doubtful she can ever find a way to square-up her affirmational talk with all the controversy she stirred up over the last year. As Brandi so aptly stated, Tiffany talks in repetitive circles within circles, within circles. I really hoped her time here in Dallas would be a positive thing,” Marie Reyes points out on her blog, sharing that Locken should really question her friendship with Hendra.

Several of the Real Housewives of Dallas stars have questioned Tiffany’s dedication to her friend. Hendra has revealed that she’s just a great friend, but the ladies believe that she may be close to Locken because she’s possibly hiding something. Everything points to Tiffany sharing LeeAnne’s secret — not Marie.

What do you think of Marie Reyes’ blog for this final episode? Do you think LeeAnne should question her friendship with Tiffany?


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