Australians Being Asked To Capture Venomous Spiders

The Australian Reptile Park wants residents near Sydney, Australia to hunt down and catch the world’s most deadly spider known as the funnel-web. Once caught officials will milk the spiders to create anti-venom that is used to treat spider bites.

Catching the funnel web spider is no simple taste, a single bite from the spiders can lead to death in as little as one hour.

Park worker Julie Mendezona is urging anyone who catches a spider to bring it in for milking. Mendezona tells ABC Australia:

“Usually we are the ones saying to people, ‘if you see a dangerous animal, leave it alone and then it will leave you alone, and you won’t have any run-ins’.”

Mendezona adds:

“But, it is really important that we turn to the community to actually obtain our funnel-webs. It’s the most productive way for us to get these animals.”

For the most part Australians are taking the request in stride. Wayne Moran proclaimed via his Facebook page:

“Reminds me of my childhood growing up in Sydney in the 70s. Funnel-webs were common in our backyard. Mum would often catch them and then deliver them to (I think) the local hospital. I was terrified of them. I vaguely remember the catching stopping as they no longer needed them to produce the anti-venom.”

While Lauren Kuhn said of the request:

My mother found a nest years ago and reported it in the early 80’s. They came and got them. I know this helped research but a think professionals should be catching them not the average Joe.

Could you actively and with no experience hunt down a spider that could kill you?