‘Big Brother 18’ Rumors: Did ‘BB18’ Cast Information Just Get Leaked?

Big Brother 18 rumors are in overdrive after the cast announcement got postponed. One of those Big Brother 18 rumors suggests that a former houseguest is about to return to the show in a big way. A Big Brother fan site just posted on Twitter that Frankie Grande is about to be a part of the BB18 cast. While there has been no confirmation about Grande returning to the show, the account got suspended and the post was deleted. That could be a strong indicator of what might be coming.

This follows some additional BB18 rumors about the 16-person cast consisting of eight returners and eight new houseguests. As for who those returners might be, the online debate continues. Reality Blurred, a blog about a lot of different reality shows, staked its reputation on knowing four of those returning houseguests. They stated that Ian Terry from Big Brother 14, Derrick Levasseur from Big Brother 16, Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17, and Audrey Middleton from Big Brother 17 were entering the house again.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Derrick Levasseur went on Twitter to reveal that he was definitely not going to re-enter the house this season. On Monday, June 13, Ian Terry was also posting on Twitter, suggesting he is not in sequester with the rest of the BB18 cast. While both former houseguests could be playing with fans here, this circumstantial evidence seems to poke a lot of holes in previous Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Terry has some theories about who will be in the BB18 cast, dropping hints on his account of how some former houseguests have stopped responding to phone calls. He hasn’t revealed those names (yet), but the constant barrage of questions from fans could get him to post them soon.

Fans were hoping to have answers to all of the BB18 cast questions early on Monday, June 13, but the live interviews that had been promised on the CBS live feed got postponed. Out of respect for everything that had taken place in Orlando, show producers felt that it was best to delay the announcements. Information about when the announcements would soon take place was posted online, giving fans something else to look forward to.

The Big Brother 18 season premiere will air at 8 p.m. PT/ET on Wednesday, June 22. It is a two-hour episode that is likely to have several twists for viewers. CBS will follow that up with another episode at 9 p.m. PT/ET on Thursday, June 23. There are a lot of theories on the internet about why they are giving three hours of coverage in the first two days, but it likely boils down to producers having a lot of footage from the beginning of the week to show viewers.

The BB18 cast is already sequestered, meaning they are cut off from family, friends, and the public. The cast will likely enter the house during the coming weekend, allowing producers to get a lot of footage for the first few episodes on CBS. This is something that is typically done with the reality competition show, but the lack of cast interviews with the public has raised a lot of suspicions about what might happen after that.

Big Brother host Julie Chen has been posting a lot about the show on her Twitter account. Currently, she has a countdown going, where she provides images of past seasons or photos that tie into the current season.

So who is actually in the BB18 cast for summer 2016? There are a lot of new Big Brother 18 rumors about that, with some sources stating that Frank Eudy from Big Brother 14, Nicole Franzel from Big Brother 16, and Da’Vonne Rogers and James Huling from Big Brother 17 will be among them. Could they join Frankie Grande, Vanessa Rousso, and two other returning houseguests to comprise the eight veterans? The only way to find out for sure is to tune in for the Big Brother 18 cast reveal at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 14.

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