Black Widow Murderess Stacey Castor Dies In Prison

Chelsea Hoffman - Author

Jun. 13 2016, Updated 10:42 a.m. ET

Notorious black widow Stacey Castor has passed away in prison at the age of 48. CBS News reports that the woman was serving 51 years to life in a women’s correctional facility in New York when she died on Saturday under circumstances that have not yet been publicized.

However, the Post Standard has reported that there was no obvious cause of death upon the discovery of the woman’s body in her prison cell. Does this mean she found a way to take her own life, or did she die of natural causes?

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Stacey Castor’s body was found at approximately 6:48 a.m. on Saturday morning. An autopsy was completed over the weekend, which was completely inconclusive. This means that medical examiners must wait on toxicology test results to come in before determining just how Castor died. This could be a wait of several months, depending on what substances — if any — were ingested or used in the case of Stacey’s death.

Castor was convicted in the murder of her second husband, David Castor Sr., in 2009. However, she almost got away with this murder. Had it not been for the hard work of investigators — and her own foolish behavior — she may be alive today, living outside of the walls of the women’s prison that has been her home for several years.

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On August 20, 2005, Stacey Castor called her local authorities. She was distressed, claiming that her husband, David, had locked himself in their room and was refusing to come out. She told police that he was depressed, and she was worried about him. When officers kicked down the bedroom door, they found Stacey’s husband dead. Next to his body (among other items) was a glass that had been halfway filled with antifreeze. It did indeed appear to be what police referred to as “a self-administered dose” of the poison. In other words, they believed that David Castor had committed suicide. At the time of his death, David Castor had only been married to Stacey for approximately two years.

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Things changed when forensic experts found Stacey Castor’s fingerprints on the glass containing antifreeze. An investigation was launched against the woman, and the evidence began to stack against her, which indicated that she played an active role in the death of her husband — and possibly the death of her previous husband.

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In an act of desperation, Stacey Castor tried to kill her own daughter in an attempt to frame her for the murder of David Castor. She even falsified a suicide note, making it look as though her daughter had confessed to killing David. However, authorities couldn’t be fooled, especially since Stacey misspelled antifreeze in her daughter’s so-called suicide note. This misspelling was one she had also made prior to the investigation being opened against her. Meanwhile, her daughter survived the poisoning and told authorities that her mother gave her an alcoholic drink that must have been filled with the toxic liquid.

Ultimately, Stacey Castor was convicted of murder and sentenced to 51 years to life in prison. Up until the day of her death behind prison walls, she had only served seven years of her sentence.

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