Lana Del Rey Would Like To Try Her Hand At Writing Movies

Lana Del Rey, the singer who made geeks around the world squeal with endless delight when she wrote a song involving video games, recently revealed during an interview with Vogue Australia that she would like to try writing films. As if she didn’t have her hands full with singing, songwriting, and modeling, Rey now wants to venture into yet another arm of the entertainment industry.

“When I was starting, I had a vision of being a writer for film and that’s what I am doing now,” she explained during the interview. “I’m so happy Hopefully I will branch into film work and stay there. That will be my happy place. I’d like to stay in one place for a long time.”

The artist previously known as Lizzie Grant also discussed her nervousness about performing on-stage, which may have resulted in her now-infamous Saturday Night Live appearance.

“I love to take care of the songs – that’s my natural place – then, when I get on stage that’s not my element,” Del Rey said. “Sometimes I kneel down because I am trembling or touch the audience because I don’t know what else to do. But the nice thing about the kids is that they feel bad for me, and pass me soft toys!”

Although she may experience an extreme amount of anxiety when it comes to live performances, this hasn’t stopped her from stretching her artistic legs into other territories and ventures. Just recently, Del Rey landed a gig with Jaguar as the face of their latest sports car.

Those hoping for a new Lana Del Rey album packed to the rafters with emotional songs and deep content may be left dangling in the wind. During the Vogue Australia interview, the singer revealed that she essentially has nothing left to say.

“I said everything I needed to say before I wrote this record. I don’t even talk that much. God, talking in interviews is the most I’ve talked in years,” she explained.

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