Javi Marroquin Parties With Friends Overseas: Is He Celebrating His Return Home?

Javi Marroquin returned to Twitter on Friday after spending about three weeks away from the spotlight. Javi was tired of all the negative comments that fans were tweeting him, and he has publicly said that he has had no interest in bashing Kailyn Lowry since she is the mother of his son, Lincoln.

However, he is sending some signals through his social media posts. While he did return to Twitter last week with some interesting tweets, he also posted a picture on Instagram, where he was caught partying with his friends overseas. And it sounds like they are all smoking some pipes and having a great time.

According to a new Instagram post, Javi Marroquin is now revealing that he's surrounding himself with some positive people these days. Marroquin recently posted the same thing but showed himself in the gym getting fit for his return ready.

"Nobody was ready. Surround yourself with good company," Javi Marroquin revealed on his Instagram photo, sharing a picture of him partying with his friends.

Based on last week's Instagram post, Marroquin is still serving overseas. He also posted a third picture a few weeks ago, revealing that he was "counting down the days" until he got to see his boys again. Of course, Javi was referring to Isaac and Lincoln. He could be partying because his time overseas is almost over. But Marroquin made no mention of Kailyn. And based on these pictures, showing Javi having a great time overseas, one can imagine that fans are even more split than ever when it comes to their divorce.

When the divorce went public, many assumed that Kailyn was the victim in the marriage. Based on older Teen Mom episodes, many thought that Marroquin was too bossy or too jealous of his wife, and his behavior may have ended the marriage. But based on the Teen Mom finale, Marroquin actually ended the marriage because Lowry didn't want any more children. And it sounds like many believe that Javi can do much better.

"If only you were my man, I would treat you the way you deserve. Believe me that you deserve better," one person wrote to Marroquin on his Instagram post, while another added, "I think your a great man.. for not bashing your son's mom...I really like kali but she has done wrong every guy she dated on the show.. cheating on all them.. u deserve better.. she is way more vested in her relationships with her friends than of her husband."

"I knew from the beginning u should not have gotten involved w that nut. But regardless. Too late. But u have a little Angel now," one person shared on Instagram, showing a clear stance in the divorce drama.

Of course, their marriage crumbled when the Teen Mom cameras weren't around. During the Teen Mom finale, Marroquin told his wife that they had talked about things and they had come to the conclusion that the marriage was over. In other words, there was nothing left to discuss. These two had clearly already settled their marital issues behind closed doors and decided to go forward with the divorce.

Reports are now surfacing that Lowry may have cheated on Javi while he was serving time overseas. And it sounds like Javi may know what is going on, as he expressed his frustrations on social media over the weekend. It sounds like some people close to Marroquin knew exactly what was going on.

"All of y'all that looked me in my face and didn't say anything... Dead to me," Javi Marroquin revealed on Twitter, fueling the rumors that he was cheated on while he was serving his time overseas.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin partying with his friends overseas? Do you think he's celebrating his return home, which could be just days away?

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]