Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Assignments, Achievements, Patch Notes Revealed

On Monday, DICE revealed the new assignments being added in as part of Battlefield 3‘s Armored Kill expansion. In addition to that, the developer revealed the rather lengthy patch notes, which tackles gun balance, various tweaks, and tons more.

Before we take a look at the patch notes, here’s the lowdown on the new Battlefield 3 assignments: Armored Kill adds in a total of ten new assignments, five of which are exclusive to Premium subscribers. The Premium assignments unlock new black and gold dog tags and are all focused on getting kills in a variety of land and air vehicles.

The other five new Battlefield 3 assignments, available for all players, also covers vehicles. The first three assignments unlock new gadgets for the new Tank Destroyer vehicle while the last two unlock upgrades for the Mobile Artillery. In a blog post, DICE said that more Premium-exclusive assignments are on the way, but it isn’t known what weapons/vehicles/maps those assignments will involve.

Starting tomorrow, DICE will be rolling out the latest Battlefield 3 patch, which introduces a massive number of tweaks and balance changes across the board. Many of the game’s weapons are having their reload times adjusted, and various weapons are having their damage output adjusted–such as the damage drop-off from ranged shots.

There’s a whole lot more changes than that, but they’re far too numerous to list here. For the full set of patch notes, you can head over to this link.

For more information on Battlefield 3 Armored Kill’s release date across all platforms, you can check out our previous coverage at this link.