White House Beer Recipe Followed By ‘POTUS Pizza’

If you were among those who eagerly anticipated the White House beer recipe, you don’t have to swill your Presidential pilsner by itself. Fans of Barack Obama can use their White House Honey Ale to wash down another All-American treat, the POTUS pizza.

Yes, the White House beer recipe did get a bit of press as Republicans took to Tampa to argue the country’s slow economic recovery and the fiscal effects of two wars concurrent with massive tax cuts, and it seems the White House has tuned out the RNC noise by focusing on some of the culinary achievements of the last four years.

The White House beer recipe was confirmed to be set for release in President Obama’s Reddit AmA, and, while stumping recently, the Commander-in-Chief let some college supporters know that he also had an official pizza recipe that Americans could duplicate at home without the presence of a brewery: the POTUS pizza.

According to the President, he’s a bit of a fan of meaty toppings, but he’s got to throw on some veggies for his famously health-conscious missus. While President Obama isn’t trying to redistribute your pepperoni in a socialist fashion, he does give a nod to a few veggie-tastic toppings as he discloses the POTUS pizza formula from “The Sink,” in Boulder.

Speaking to University of Colorado at Boulder students over the weekend, Obama said:

“I’ve been told that The Sink renamed one of their pizzas after me … I’m deeply moved by this.”

white house beer potus pizza

He continued:

“So the next time you go there, just ask for the POTUS. It’s got pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, black olives, and onion. We put the olives and the onion on there for Michelle — so you can say that you had some vegetables on your pizza.”

Obama visited The Sink and received the meaty, cheesy honor back in April.