Kevin James Loibl: Photo Released, Concertgoer Says Christina Grimmie Greeted Him With ‘Arms Open Wide’

A Kevin James Loibl photo has been posted online by authorities who have now confirmed that he shot and killed former Voice contestant, Christina Grimmie, 22. According to People Magazine, Kevin James Loibl, 27, opened fire during a meet and greet after Grimmie’s concert in Orlando, Florida, shooting and killing the singer.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, police believe that Kevin James Loibl traveled from his home in St. Petersburg, Florida, to the concert venue in Orlando carrying two guns and two loaded magazines, on a mission to kill Grimmie.

Now that the photo of Kevin James Loibl has been released, people are getting to see the man who was so determined to end this young woman’s life. A concertgoer named Destiny Rivera says that she was standing directly behind Loibl in the meet and greet line.

“I was talking to the girls behind us and there was a guy directly in line in front of us who I could’ve very easily started a conversation with. But I didn’t, he just didn’t look like he was up for a conversation. He did look a little bit nervous, but he was by himself and he was dressed as any other concertgoer. He didn’t seem up for a conversation whatsoever, and he was kinda – he just kept looking around and was moving his body. He also looked like he wanted to be by himself,” recalled Rivera.

“[Christina had] her arms open wide ready to greet him, as she would any of her other friends with such enthusiasm,” Rivera said of when it was Kevin James Loibl’s turn to meet Grimmie. She went on to say that she chatted with her friends while waiting her turn before hearing “three popping noises” that she assumed were balloons. After seeing Grimmie’s brother, Mark, tackle Loibl, Rivera said things started to make sense.

“I finally registered, like, Christina is not laying on the floor – she was shot and fell to the ground. So I instantly started running, I was the third one out, and I heard another gunshot. I assumed that the shooter was running out of the venue with us,” Rivera continued.

Kevin James Loibl shot himself shortly after killing Christina Grimmie — that was the last gunshot wound that Destiny Rivera heard.

As for how Loibl was able to get into the concert with two guns, police have confirmed that there were not any metal detectors at the venue. Rivera also told People Magazine that security was not thorough when checking people’s bags — something that is essential at most public venues all over the country.

“Our other friend actually did have a bag and, just ordinary force of habit, was unzipping her bag and getting ready to show him, and he was like, ‘no, you’re fine, you’re good. Just go,'” she said.

Rivera also talked about Christina Grimmie’s final performance during her chat with People Magazine.

“You could tell that she genuinely enjoyed what she was doing. She was constantly interacting with the crowd and laughing around and joking, like, making fun of herself. Very kind hearted. She just seemed like a fun outgoing person,” she said.

Police are investigating Kevin James Loibl, trying to figure out if there were any signs of an obsession as it does appear as though he was a “deranged fan.” Authorities were particularly interested in looking at his computer and his cell phone.

It has been reported that Kevin James Loibl did not have a Facebook account, or at least not one under that name. Additional photos of Loibl may be released by police in the coming days, especially if they need the public’s help in putting together the pieces of this tragic event.

Many are wondering if the parents of Kevin James Loibl will be releasing a statement of any kind.

[Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images]

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