Chris Harrison Drops Major Hint About ‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Fletcher’s Final Two Guys

JoJo Fletcher is almost halfway through her season of The Bachelorette and has already narrowed down her list of potential husbands from 26 to 10. Over the next few weeks, clear front-runners will emerge as JoJo heads towards hometowns and overnight dates.

Fans may not need to read spoiler blogs to figure out the route JoJo is taking, but if you’re still not sure how things will play out this season, host Chris Harrison has been dropping very strong hints about who JoJo’s final two guys are.

[Warning: Bachelorette Season 12 spoilers ahead]

Shortly before the May 23 season premiere, Harrison released his “five guys to watch” list, but at least two of the guys on the list — Chad Johnson and Grant Kemp — turn out to be total tools either on the show or in real life (or both).

Earlier this week, Harrison wrote about the most recent episode (Week 4) of the Bachelorette in his Yahoo! blog. He stated that JoJo is forming a strong romantic connection with two men, hinting that they may be the final two guys standing when the final rose ceremony airs on August 1.

After last week’s two-night event that focused on the Chad-bear and his creepy woodland whistling, Chris revealed in his blog that there were two guys who stood out during the football group date filmed at Heinz Field. Fortunately, Chad wasn’t on that date so JoJo could focus on positive conversations with the group of guys who won the group date challenge.

Harrison states that contestants Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers both made a “big impression” on JoJo last week because they both “opened up” and shared some special moments with the Bachelorette.

Of course, fans didn’t need Chris Harrison to tell them that Jordan Rodgers is a front-runner. Since he received the first impression rose it’s been clear that he has been a top contender for the final rose, even if JoJo told him on Episode 4 that he made her nervous and seemed to have his guard up.

Robby Hayes admitted during the group date after party that he was starting to fall in love with Fletcher, something that JoJo called “comfortable,” but many fans thought was a little premature. Hayes hasn’t had much alone time with JoJo and, in the first four episodes, wasn’t picked for a one-on-one date, so it was a just a little unsettling to hear him say the “L-word” so soon.

According to Chris Harrison, the time Robby and Jordan spent with JoJo helped them both take “big strides” in their relationship. He goes on to say that it’s “easy to see” that connections are forming in “a big way.”

Perhaps Chris witnessed more behind-the-scenes with Robby than fans are able to see on TV — it certainly appeared that they went from zero to 60 in just one brief encounter on a pool table at the group date after party.

However, it’s clear that Harrison is spot on when it come to Jordan. Blogger Reality Steve revealed states that it’s been the “JoJo and Jordan show” from night one and he will be one of two guys standing at the final rose ceremony.

Are Robby’s chances just as good? Although it wasn’t clear earlier in the season if Robby would pick up speed and become a front-runner, during the next episode (Week 5, June 20), fans will see JoJo’s relationship with Robby get stronger during a one-on-one date.

Jordan will also get his first one-on-one of the season of Week 5, and both Robby and Jordan will score a rose on their dates.

According to Reality Steve, Robby, Jordan, and Chase will make it to the Fantasy Suite dates, but JoJo can only choose two guys to move on to the final rose ceremony.

Apparently Harrison’s hint-dropping about Jordan and Robby is spot-on. Chase is the guy JoJo sends home after a night in the Fantasy Suite and Jordan and Robby are rumored to become JoJo’s final two picks on what will turn out to be a very emotional finale for JoJo.

The next episode of the Bachelorette (Week 5) airs at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, June 20.

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