‘Bachelorette’ Stars Jordan Rodgers And Grant Kemp’s Ex-Girlfriends Speak Out About Cheating, Broken Engagements, Texts From Other Girls

The Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher thought the drama was over when she sent this season’s villain, Chad Johnson, home on the two-on-one date, but what the ex-girlfriends of two of her suitors have to say about their former boyfriends may make Chad’s antics seem trivial.

Read excerpts from their emails below.

[Warning: Bachelorette spoilers ahead]

Contestants Jordan Rodgers and Grant Kemp have one or more ex-girlfriends who are going to great lengths to make sure JoJo knows the guys did not go on the Bachelorette for the right reasons. Although some of their past relationship issues will be addressed during upcoming episodes, the emails from girls who were previously involved with Jordan and Grant may have JoJo second-guessing herself now that she is watching her season play out on TV.

In addition to the scoop on Grant, the emails reveal that Jordan, rumored to be JoJo’s final pick, was involved with more than one girl before filming, including JoJo. If producers get wind of this, fans can expect a very tense and emotional After the Final Rose live special that is scheduled to air right after the August 1 Bachelorette season finale.

On Friday, Reality Steve revealed that he will be releasing letters next week from various ladies who have been involved with Jordan Rodgers and Grant Kemp, emails that he confirms are authentic and line up with the rumors he’s heard about both men.

Both Jordan and Grant have been called out on social media by either their ex-girlfriends or friends of their exes, but the emails give more specific details.

While Steve won’t reveal until Tuesday which excerpts (above and below) are from Grant’s girls and which are from Jordan’s, they are bound to find their way to Bachelorette producers.

If Chris Harrison is prompted to question him, Grant may find himself in the hot seat at the Men Tell All. And Jordan? He clearly has some explaining to do on the Bachelorette: After the Final Rose special — there is speculation that his engagement to JoJo may already be experiencing some problems, so their first introduction as a couple might be a messy one.

In addition to the emails that Reality Steve has received, one of Jordan’s ex-girlfriends, Brittany Farrar, claims that he cheated on her during their relationship, going so far as to call him out on social media during the Bachelorette season premiere.

Firefighter Grant Kemp is also taking some heat for breaking off a long-term relationship with reality TV producer Jenn Green right before the show started. Erin Aschow, a woman who claims to be Jen’s best friend, recently revealed on Twitter that Grant ditched Jen abruptly at the end of January, right around the time he was in talks with producers to appear on the Bachelorette.

Reality Steve has promised to publish the tell-all emails from both Jordan and Grant’s ex-girlfriends on Tuesday — follow him on Twitter @realitysteve.

The Bachelorette returns with Episode 5 on Monday, June 20 at 8 p.m. ET.

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