Mariah Carey Is Popping Champagne, Flashing Engagement Ring After Nick Cannon Reluctantly Signs 'Divorce Papers'

It looks like Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's divorce may finally become finalized just in time for Mariah to marry billionaire James Packer, and both of them are reacting in different ways. While Cannon seems down and depressed, Carey was celebrating by popping bottles of champagne in her Las Vegas dressing room Friday night.

The turban wearing rapper is reacting to the media speculation that he is intentionally holding up Mariah Carey's wedding was a new freestyle track titled "Divorce Papers" and the topic speaks for itself. Like anyone going through a divorce, he doesn't sound like he was having a good mental health day when he composed that song. He sounds lethargic, frustrated, and sad, and the fact that it is so public seems to be wearing on him.

Cannon mentioned his many stress points in the therapeutic freestyle rap; missing his kids, his feeling for Mariah, and his dad's death were among the many things that had a negative effect on his mental and physical health, and because he has lupus, stress is not his friend.

The media attention was specifically mentioned as a sore point for him, especially since he apparently got a lot of heat for holding up the divorce. He denied he was an obstacle, but "Divorce Papers" indicates otherwise. Judging from the lyrics, all he did was name all the reasons he hesitated to let her go, even though he is the one that initiated the divorce. The track is getting mixed reviews, but it's doubtful he did it for anything other than stress relief.

It looks like he is looking for a little sympathy and understanding while he reluctantly signs off on Carey moving on. As reported on Inquisitr, there are many things that are standing in the way of all exes involved, but Cannon spoke to AJ Calloway from Extra and said it wasn't his fault the divorce is taking so long.
"We put the kids first and that's all we care about. We get along great despite of all the rumors out there. There's nothing to tell, it's a process, nobody's holding nothing up. Why would I do that?"
Well, now we know that Nick Cannon was indeed the holdup and we know why he would do that -- he wasn't ready to lose his family. So sad for Nick, but not for Mariah, who has treated the delay as if it doesn't exist. She has her dress and she has embarked on a "bleak" diet in preparatiom for her wedding to James Packer, an Australian businessman, who is still trying to divorce his wife Erica, who is now dating Heidi Klum's' ex-husband, Seal.

Nick Cannon is back hosting America's Got Talent, and as the Chairman of TeenNick, he's busy with All That reunions when he's not baiting Eminem into rap battles. He has his own thing going and he shouldn't have time to mess with Mariah's world.

Mariah Carey Is Popping Bottles After Nick Cannon Signs Divorce Papers
[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]Speaking of which, Mariah is a busy too. She just came off of her ninth concert tour, the Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour, where she allowed cameras to follow her around for her upcoming docu-series Mariah's World on the E! network.

In addition to joining the list of celebrities putting their lives out on display, Mariah Carey is continuing her collaboration with the Hallmark Channel by inking a three picture deal that includes directing, developing, producing, and acting duties. All of this while planning her wedding to billionaire James Packer, and being a mother to her 5-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

With Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's divorce on track to being a done deal, the only obstacle left is Jeff Packer's divorce, which is waiting for the Australian courts to get to it. Are you feeling sorry for Nick Cannon or is he better off without Mariah Carey? Sound off in the comment section.

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