‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers: Leak Reveals Multiple Deaths In Final Season 6 Episodes?

Game of Thrones Season 6 is coming to an end, and with only 3 episodes left this year, fans are dying to know what will happen, and which characters will and will not survive headed into Season 7.

According to the latest Game of Thrones spoilers, a new Reddit post may have a list of as many as seven deaths that fans could see happen in the final three episodes of Season 6, and some are very interesting.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that one Reddit user has already predicted the deaths of three characters this season, including Roose Bolton, Alliser Thorne, and Olly, with many more possibly coming.

The most prominent Game of Thrones character that is predicted to die before the end of Season 6 is Rickon Stark. As viewers know, Rickon is currently being held prison in Winterfell by Ramsay Bolton. It would be very easy for Ramsay, who has already killed his father, step-mother, and newborn baby brother, to off Rickon as punishment for Sansa leaving him, or just because he enjoys killing. No matter what, if Rickon dies it will be an emotional moment on the series, as it is always hard to see a member of the embattled Stark family fall.

game of thrones spoilers: who will die in season 6? [Image via HBOThe other huge Game of Thrones character death prediction comes in the form of King Tommen Baratheon. While fans are fully expecting Tommen to bite the dust sometime, due to the fact that a witch once told Cersei all of her children would die, and he’s the only one left, Season 6 seems a little early for him to fall. Who would become king if Tommen were to be killed off? Ceresei is out of children. It just doesn’t feel right quite yet, but the show likes to shock viewers with their brutal death scenes, so anything is possible.

After Tommen, his wife Queen Margaery Tyrell is the next logical candidate. The two have recently banded together with the High Sparrow in hopes of restoring the importance of the crown by pairing in with the faith. It would be extremely sad to see Margaery go, as she has been a strong, and at times, humble queen. However, after last week’s Game of Thrones episode, fans don’t really know what to expect from Margaery. Is she plotting to take the High Sparrow down? It looks like fans will soon see.

Margaery’s brother, Loras Tyrell, could also be on the chopping block during Season 6. Loras has barely been seen this season, as he’s been imprisoned by the High Sparrow. It seems like it could be do or die with the character. Either fans want to see him get out of prison, or ended for good.

game of thrones spoilers: season 6 death predictions revealed. [Image via HBO]One character who didn’t make this particular Game of Thrones death prediction list is Ramsay Bolton. Ramsay, the current ward of The North, is one of the most hated characters on the show. Fans love to hate Ramsay, and with his implied battle with Jon Snow coming very soon, it seems his days could be numbered as well.

Arya Stark’s current nemesis, The Waif, also didn’t make the list, but after her attempted murder of Arya by stabbing her violently in the stomach multiple times, it seems that Game of Thrones fans would probably be okay if the youngest Stark girl got some revenge of her own.

Although there are only three episodes left, there are still plenty of opportunities for characters to die in the upcoming episodes. Cersei will be causing trouble in King’s Landing, while Jaime, Brienne, and Blackfish will all be ready to do battle in Riverrun, and Jon and Sansa plot to take back Winterfell. It looks like violence will be had all around.

What are your thoughts on the latest possible Game of Thrones spoilers? Who do you think will die in Season 6?

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