Investigation Reveals That Donald Trump Doesn't Pay His Bills -- Hundreds Of Laborers Stiffed For Their Work

Many have tried to find as much dirt as they possibly could on Donald Trump to make him seem like the worst possible choice for the next president of the United States. Well, there may be a new nail in the coffin as an investigation has found hundreds of laborers who have done work for Trump and were not paid for their work. It appears as if Donald Trump is not someone who pays his bills and leaves laborers stiffed for their labor.

While Donald Trump says he loves the "working class" and supports them in their efforts to keep this country great, he doesn't appear to support them.

According to the USA Today, a major and in-depth investigation has been done which has learned that there are hundreds of people who have not been paid for work they did for Trump. That group of people includes dishwashers, painters, carpenters, and even his lawyers who have been left holding their unpaid bills.

donald trump hundreds workers doesn't pay bills stiffed
[Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]An analysis done by USA Today Network has learned that Trump has been involved in more than 3,500 lawsuits over the course of the last 30 years. Many of those lawsuits include everyday Americans who have stated that Trump and his companies are not paying them for their work.

Edward Friel, Jr. was a cabinet builder from Philadelphia who landed a huge contract worth $400,000 and he was set to build the base fixtures for bars, slot machines, registration desks, and many other cabinets in Trump Plaza back in the '80s. The work spelled out on the contract was completed in 1984 and the final bill was handed over to the Trump Organization.

More than 30 years later and that final bill of $83,600 is remembered vividly by the Friel family as it was never paid.

Paul Friel, Edward's son, was the accountant for his father's firm and said that unpaid bill "began the demise of the Edward J. Friel Company." It was a company that had been around since the 1940s when Paul's grandfather founded it.

The list uncovered by the USA Today network includes workers in many fields such as:

  • Glass company in New Jersey
  • Florida dishwasher
  • 48 waiters
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Carpet company
  • Real estate brokers
  • Several law firms
  • Dozens of bartenders and numerous other hourly workers at resorts and clubs
donald trump hundreds workers doesn't pay bills stiffed
[Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]Over 60 lawsuits were analyzed by the investigation and show that these hundreds of employees were contractually obligated to do the work for Trumps and his companies. Once the work was done, Trump did not fulfill his end of the contract and left them holding their unpaid invoices for weeks, months, and even decades.

Business Insider brings up the fact that more than 200 mechanics' liens were filed by contractors and employees claiming that Trump and his properties or companies owed them money for work done. These liens date back more than 30 years and many of them have still not been completed.

Larry Walters is a drapery factory owner and he spoke with the Wall Street Journal about when he was hired to supply Trump's hotel in Las Vegas eight years ago. He said that developer Trump Ruffin demanded additional work that went beyond what was outlined in the original wording and agreement of the contract.

Trump Ruffin refused to pay for that work.

Later, Walters said he withheld some fabric while waiting for payment, but was then sued by Trump Ruffin. That lawsuit led to authorities forcefully entering his factory and taking away the fabric in trucks.

Donald Trump has said in the past that he would hold back pay or change the amount owed when vendors did "an OK-to-bad job." He said at that point, it's time to negotiate and determine what payment is owed for the quality of work completed.

When Trump feels as if work the done by his employees or contractors is unsatisfactory, then they won't be paid.

The investigation done by the USA Today network is one that doesn't appear to be speculation or unfounded in any way. As Donald Trump is looking to become the next president of the United States, he's now being portrayed as someone who chooses to stiff laborers for their work and doesn't pay his bills. Many will wonder how this falls in line with his support of the "working class" if he's not even willing to pay them for their services, and it could come back to haunt him.

[Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]