Jimmy Fallon, Barack Obama Complain About Future Of U.S. With Trump, Madonna Takes Selfie With Obama

Jimmy Fallon had to listen to U.S. President Barack Obama complaining about Donald Trump and the future of the United States if the real estate mogul is elected president, according to the Gothamist. Obama made his first ever appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.

Obama, who leaves office later this year, had quite a few things to discuss with Jimmy Fallon about his potential successor. In particular, the President shared his opinion about the so-called Election 2016: GOP Bizarro Edition, as well as Donald Trump.

When Jimmy Fallon asked Obama if he thought the Republican Party was happy about its nominee – Trump – the 54-year-old President replied, "We are," hinting that the Democratic Party is more than happy with the choice.

Even though Obama didn't elaborate on that "we are" response, he did say that he wasn't sure how the Republicans are feeling about Trump. But the President then told Jimmy Fallon that he was actually "worried" for the Republican Party.

And then Obama started boring Jimmy Fallon with his yet another speech about how democracy works in the U.S. Obama feels that America works only when both the Republicans and Democrats are serious about their intentions and are pushing one another to really solve problems.
"And they've got philosophical differences and they have fierce debates and they argue and they contest elections. But at the end of the day, what you want is a healthy two-party system."
But Jimmy Fallon didn't even have to ask about Trump, as the President hinted at the GOP front-runner himself, saying that it's in the best interests of the U.S. for the Republicans to nominee "somebody who could do the job if they win."

So it looks like Obama doesn't think Trump could move the country forward, as he says the Republicans should nominate someone who understands the issues. But the Democrats have repeatedly said that Trump is incompetent on many key issues to rule the country.

In fact, Obama admitted speaking to Jimmy Fallon that he hasn't been enjoying the things that have happened within the Republican Party over the last seven years of his presidency. But even Obama admits that "there's some good people in the Republican Party."

"There are wonderful Republicans out in the country who want what's best for the country and may disagree with me on some things but are good, decent people."
But by selecting Donald Trump as the Republican nominee in the upcoming presidential election, it won't do any good for the country as a whole, Obama told Jimmy Fallon. In fact, Obama said that he believes the Republicans will eventually "get through this cycle" and the things will go back to the way they used to be: the Republican Party will be a center-right party, while the Democratic Party will be a center-left party.
"And we start figurin' how to work together."
But it appears that Obama won't give up so easily after he leaves office. In his interview with Jimmy Fallon, the President revealed what his role will be after a new president is elected in November, 2016.

And that role will be reminding the American people that being a President is a serious job, and not just some reality TV show.

Obama's appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon aired on NBC on Thursday, while the musical guest of the night was Madonna, who took a selfie with the President and shared it via her Instagram account.A day earlier, on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the host invited Mark Ruffalo to play the Best Friends Challenge, according to Mashable.

And when it came to guessing Jimmy Fallon's best physical feature, Ruffalo couldn't decide whether it's his eyes or his behind. That's quite a compliment from the Hulk himself, Mr. Fallon!

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