Delta IV: Launch Of Secret Spy Rocket Today In Florida

Today in Florida, a rather tremendous, tri-carrying rocket, Delta IV, was targeted to blast off just before 2 p.m. However, due to this Delta launch being classified, it can occur anytime before 2 p.m. The Delta rocket is supposed to be carrying a classified U.S. spy satellite.

According to the Florida Daily, the Delta IV, towering higher than 200 feet, features a tri-core booster that will accrue more than two million pounds of power. The rocket lifts off from Complex 37.

The Delta IV is one of the most powerful rockets available in this modern age. Meanwhile, the satellite, which can listen in on different wavelengths, will be soaring 20,000 miles above the equator.

Canadian observer Ted Molczan discussed the technology of collecting signals of some the brightest visible in geosynchronous orbits.

“A lot of the brightness must come from a pretty big antenna – We certainly don’t know in detail what these spacecraft look like, we don’t know exactly what they’re doing. But we can guess that it’s some kind eavesdropping.”

The Delta IV launch could be the highest technological highlight the government will put out for the entire year.

The Delta IV event is being publicized, which is unique for the NRO. The organization refers to itself as “America’s eyes and ears in space” and doesn’t usually disclose the information from their current missions. Some current speculation suggests that because this ordeal is being publicized, maybe it’s a cover-up for something bigger that we just can’t see.

“Frequently, NRO systems are the only collectors able to access critical areas of interest, and data from overhead sensors provides unique information and perspectives not available from other sources,” the NRO website listed.

Today’s Delta IV launch is the 32nd since the rocket made its debut 14 years ago. However, this is only the ninth of the heavy-lift rocket that flew for the first time in 2004.

Six of those 14 liftoffs were utilized by the NRO, but this current Delta IV lift off is the sixth time. The one before was only two years ago, and that previous flight ran a price ticket of nearly $400 million.

The Inquisitr has covered numerous stories about the Delta IV and its previous launches.

According to Universe Today, it is manufactured and launched by ULA as part of the Delta rocket family. This includes the Delta 4 Medium, which can launch with strap-on solid rocket boosters. ULA also builds and launches the Atlas V rocket family.

The NRO gives America’s policymakers, intelligence analysts, warfighters, and homeland security specialists the critical information they need to keep America safe, secure, and free.

In further detail, the NRO provides the following.

  • Monitoring the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
  • Tracking international terrorists, drug traffickers, and criminal organizations
  • Developing highly accurate military targeting data and bomb damage assessments
  • Supporting international peacekeeping and humanitarian relief operations
  • Assessing the impact of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and fires.

Today’s Delta IV launch has a lot of questions erupting from civilians as to what can be expected from this new spy satellite and if we can expect increased advancement in our technological assets. Comment below on what you personally think we can expect from this Delta launch, and include if you think Delta IV launch event is a cover-up for something bigger.

The launch is currently under a delay, and we will update this as soon as possible

[Photo by Damian Dovarganes/AP Images]