‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Getting Five New Characters As Well As Superman

Alexandria Ingham - Author

Jun. 9 2016, Updated 3:25 a.m. ET

Supergirl Season 2 won’t just see Superman as an addition to the show. This season will see five more characters join the cast, including the sibling of an evil character.

The CW hasn’t quite confirmed the characters, but TV Line reports that there are casting calls and some have been named. One of those is for a character first debuted in 1961, going by the name of Lena Luther. She is the younger sister of Lex, and Supergirl is reportedly looking for someone between 25 and 35, sexy and smart for the role. The character will try to get out of her brother’s shadow but her allegiance is currently unknown.

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Nick Farrow is another named role for Supergirl Season 2. He is a brash man who is set to make things difficult for Kara while at CatCo. Nick wants to step out of the shadow of his reporter parent and has been raised in a self-indulgent lifestyle. Could he change his life after meeting Kara to become a better person?

The two characters will be series regulars for Season 2, while the other three will be recurring characters. Little is known about them, with one being known as the Doctor. She will be the Project Cadmus leader, implanting alien technology into humans.

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The fourth new character is called Snapper Carr and will be a journalist at CatCo. It is unknown how he and Kara will act together.

Finally, Maggie will join the cast as a member of the Science Police, a team dealing with alien and metahuman threats. She has been inspired by Maggie Sawyer from the comic books, but it is unclear just whether they will keep all her traits from the comics. In there, she is a lesbian detective. Considering the current campaign to get more lesbian characters on the screen — and not kill them off! — it could be a good option for Supergirl and the CW if written well.

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There are already talks of crossovers between Supergirl and the other CW comic shows. The show and The Flash already did a crossover, and it is possible that this will happen again. Maggie will fit in with Cisco, as she realizes that there are two Earths.

Crossovers will be much easier to do with the new setup. Supergirl Season 2 has been moved to CW, with production moved to Vancouver, Canada. This is where Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are all filmed, giving them the chance to jump into each other’s sets for crossovers. The question for many is how Oliver Queen could jump from Earth 1 to Earth 2, and whether it will be a multi-crossover with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

With the introduction of new characters, there are many who question whether Cat Grant will not return. With a regular and recurring character both being added to CatCo, it is possible that Cat will not return or will only return in small amounts.

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Questions also surround the introduction of Superman. Will he become a recurring character only? Maybe he will be introduced as a series regular later into the season. It is also possible that he will just show up for one episode, with Tom Welling stepping in to relive his Smallville days. The character will definitely appear in the first two episodes of Supergirl Season 2, but there is no confirmation for any other appearances. Casting is still taking place.

After months of worry that Supergirl would be cancelled, the show has now gained steam. It helps that it is on a cheaper network, and it has opened the doors for many new characters to be introduced in Supergirl Season 2.

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