‘The Originals’ Season 4: Will Vincent Go Up Against Marcel? Gerard May Feel Guilty [Spoilers]

Taylor Rios - Author

Jun. 9 2016, Updated 2:30 a.m. ET

The Originals Season 3 finale ended with Klaus Mikaelson unconscious and being put into a tomb. Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, and Freya were whisked away to a dreamscape. Hayley took baby Hope and put four caskets in the back of a moving truck and left New Orleans. Vincent was not pleased with Marcel’s actions and gave him a warning. A lot of fans are talking about Hayley and the Mikaelsons. However, what about Vincent? Could he take action and go up against Marcel Gerard? Or will Marcel have guilt over what he did?

Warning: Spoilers and theories for The Originals Season 4 are ahead.

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Even though Marcel took extreme action against Klaus Mikaelson, it has been made clear that he is not a villain. As previously reported by TheInquisitr, the bond Marcel had with the Mikaelson family was broken. It has also been hinted that there might be some sort of reconciliation between Marcel and the Mikaelsons in the future. So, how does Vincent fit into all of this?

The Christian Times speculated that Vincent Griffith could go up against Marcel Gerard. The vampire has the serum that makes him incredibly strong. The publication wrote that Vincent is a powerful and intelligent witch who might be able to deal with Marcel. Anything is possible with The Originals and the situation will have to be dealt with somehow. However, the executive producer hinted in an interview that Marcel may feel guilty.

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“Now, Marcel is going to find himself as the most powerful creature in all the land; the werewolves are still pretty much a non-factor, the humans are down and scared, and the witches have lost their connection to the ancestors,” Michael Narducci told TV Line. “It’s going to be a very different landscape, but it’s still Marcel Gerard. He’s done what he’s done, and now he’ll have to figure out how to live with himself and rule New Orleans. He’s not possessed or evil or a monster by any stretch.”

How will Marcel live with himself? Will he feel any guilt or will he get back to the business of ruling New Orleans? It’s hard to say right now, but it sounds like Marcel Gerard will have some guilt over his actions.

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It was stated that Vincent will not hold back any longer in Season 4 of The Originals. He will side with Marcel is that is the right thing to do, but he won’t hesitate to stand up to the vampire if Vincent thinks he is making the wrong decision. Perhaps the witch will go up against Marcel, but it won’t happen right away. The vampire will have to do something else that crosses the line.

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It seems likely that Vincent may play a role in helping the Mikaelsons. If so, it probably won’t happen at the beginning of Season 4 but will be later on. A series of events will have to occur, and he will need to learn certain facts. Once that happens, Vincent may find a way to save everyone.

As for what Marcel will be doing in The Originals Season 4, the executive producer said he will be starting from scratch. There will be a “mandatory” time jump and new vampires will be in New Orleans. That will be just one thing Marcel will have to deal with. However, very soon after the Season 3 finale, Marcel discovers that the Mikaelsons are not dead. This will either have him angry, confused, or curious, or it will be a chance for Marcel to right a wrong. Perhaps it will be a combination of those things.

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As for Hayley, she will be looking for a cure when The Originals returns. Like Marcel, she will also have to start from scratch. However, she is on a mission to save the Mikaelsons. It is unclear how Hayley will do this, but it was revealed that she will communicate with the family through dreams. Communication might lead her to the cure. At the very least, it will reassure Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, and Freya that there is a chance and that they are not alone.


What do you think is going to happen when The Originals returns with Season 4? Will Vincent go up against Marcel? Could Gerard have guilt over his actions? How will Klaus and the Mikaelson family return? Will Hayley find the cure or is all hope lost for Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, and Freya?

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