‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8: Candice King Discusses Alaric, Damon, Enzo, And More [Spoilers]

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 is shrouded in mystery. What was the menacing creature inside the Vault? Can Damon and Enzo be saved? What will Stefan, Caroline, and Bonnie do next? Recently, actress Candice King spoke to Eric Goldman about the upcoming season. Find out what the TVD star had to say about Alaric, Damon, Enzo, and more.

Warning: The Vampire Diaries Season 8 spoilers are ahead.

Candice King, along with several other TVD stars, attended The CW Upfronts presentation. Eric Goldman of IGN spoke to the actress about what fans can expect in Season 8. The video clip, shared by Vampire Diaries Online, has the actress sharing her thoughts on the upcoming storyline.

As fans recall, the season finale of The Vampire Diaries showed Alaric telling Caroline to follow her heart. When he let her go back to Stefan, Alaric reassured Caroline that they would always be a family. “Steroline” fans finally saw Stefan and Caroline get back together.

Also, the episode titled “Gods & Monsters” had Damon Salvatore saving Bonnie Bennett. However, the creature inside the Vault used Elena’s voice to trick Damon, as previously speculated by the Inquisitr. Once Damon realized it was not Elena, it was too late. Later, Enzo went to rescue Damon, but he was also taken over by the demonic creature.

The last scene in The Vampire Diaries Season 7 finale was disturbing. Damon and Enzo were on a murdering spree and had dozens of bodies hanging in a warehouse. It was clear from Damon’s sneer that the monster had taken over the vampires. So, what is going to happen next?

In the video interview, King said that Caroline, Stefan, and Bonnie definitely have “their work cut out for them.” It is not going to be easy to find Damon and Enzo. In the past, Bonnie would have used a locator spell. However, she lost her magic as well as the two most important men in her life. This means the trio will have to use old-fashioned methods to find the missing vampires. There will be over 60 missing people along the West Coast. Following the disappearances and using maps, Damon and Enzo might be found, as long as they stay consistent.

However, what are Stefan, Caroline, and Bonnie going to do once they find Damon and Enzo? It’s not like they can reason with the vampires. Remember, the creature inside the Vault took everything good from Damon and Enzo. Whether it just left the negative traits, has brainwashed them, or possessed the vampires is unknown. Based on what Candice said, there might be a chance that Damon and Enzo can be saved in The Vampire Diaries.

“I’m anxious to see how Alaric plays into bringing Damon and Enzo back from the dark side,” Candice King told Eric Goldman at The CW Upfronts presentation. “And how quick they will be in finding them and waking them up.”

In past seasons of The Vampire Diaries, some characters turned off their humanity switch. Is this what the creature does? Does it force that humanity switch to turn off, or is it a case of full possession? Does the mystery creature take all the goodness away, or is it just pushed down? Even if Damon and Enzo can come out of it, will they be the same as they were before? Will their good traits come back fully, or will they forever be changed?

King also said that she would like to see The Vampire Diaries characters go on a road trip. She did express concern about whether there is any kind of normal for the characters. Last season, Caroline Forbes tried to live a normal life with Alaric. However, that didn’t turn out so well. Not only could she not live a normal life because of who she is, but Caroline discovered she missed her supernatural lifestyle.

As for “Steroline,” Candice believes that Stefan and Caroline have a great chance of having a healthy relationship. However, The Vampire Diaries actress admitted that it doesn’t create interesting television. Fans may need to prepare for Stefan and Caroline to encounter some curve balls and obstacles. What is known about “Steroline” is that they will have a few moments of happiness at the beginning of Season 8.

“I always say that the saddest and truest rule of television is that there’s no drama in happy,” TVD executive producer Julie Plec told TV Line. “But there’s also the exception to that rule, which is that sometimes happiness is as comforting as soup when you’re sick. I’d really like to see Caroline and Stefan enjoy some of that comfort for as long as we can eek it out, before they have to stumble across another obstacle.”

What do you think of what Candice King had to say about The Vampire Diaries Season 8?

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