Elizabeth Warren Is About To Endorse Hillary Clinton

Elizabeth Warren is that Massachusetts senator that everyone wants behind them. Warren is extremely popular with all forms of left-leaning voters as well as politicians. That’s why it is going to be such a big deal when Warren endorses Hillary Clinton, which reports say are coming sooner than expected.

According to sources close to Elizabeth Warren, Reuters reports that Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton will be coming soon following Clinton’s commanding lead after Tuesday’s primary wins. That endorsement will likely not come soon enough, though, given how divided the Democratic Party currently is between Bernie Sanders’ supporters and Hillary Clinton’s supporters.

If there is one thing that the Democratic Party truly needs right now, then that is party unity. Given all of the clout that Elizabeth Warren currently has in Washington and across the nation with voters, she could certainly shore up the base and bring voters together on many major issues that divide the party.

What is clear right from the onset is that Elizabeth Warren is taking this task very seriously, given how much criticism she has mounted across the aisle to presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump. Warren has been steadfast with fiery rhetoric toward Trump, which she delivers via the media and social media, most commonly on Twitter.

If there is one thing that the Democratic Party agrees on universally, then that is the fact that Donald Trump cannot be elected President of the United States. Even members of his own party have railed against the business mogul for his use of terribly racist and misogynistic rhetoric. This is the same kind of rhetoric that Elizabeth Warren has pounced as well, citing his own words and using them against him.

Given that Elizabeth Warren has so much influence over voters who lean left just goes to show you that her own endorsement can sway the winds of a Presidential election. Even though Warren does hail as a major leader in the senate, even though she is still a fairly new member of Congress, her actions, knowledge, and leadership have steered governmental policy now ever since she joined the club.

Elizabeth Warren’s leadership has also been so popular with voters that if she had endorsed either candidate in the primary election, it would have likely been the deciding factor for many left-leaning voters.

That is probably why Elizabeth Warren has held off on any endorsement thus far, waiting to give both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders a level playing field for the primaries and not taking the wind out of either campaign’s sails.

But just because Elizabeth Warren is about to endorse Hillary Clinton for President, that does not mean that she does not align with the views and policies of Bernie Sanders. As a matter of fact, many have assumed that Warren is more closely aligned to the views of Bernie Sanders than she is with the views of Hillary Clinton. Warren has been critical of Clinton in the past on many issues, one of which includes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal that President Obama has been trying to push through.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders may also just get on board with voting for Hillary Clinton in November with an endorsement from Elizabeth Warren. But what would seal the deal even more is if Clinton tapped Elizabeth Warren as her running mate.

Just consider how much Elizabeth Warren’s views align with Bernie Sanders. If Warren were tapped to be Clinton’s running mate in the general election, then shoring up the liberal vote would be all but a guarantee. But there are equal and opposite arguments for that possibility as well.

Either way, these early reports of Elizabeth Warren gearing up to endorse Hillary Clinton is a big step forward for the Democrats come November. There is still quite a bit of work left to do for the party to unify the base, though.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]