Bill Clinton Mistress? Woman Who Claims Affair With Former POTUS Bashes Hillary In Radio Interview

Dolly Kyle claims to be a former Bill Clinton mistress; she even authored a “political memoir,” Hillary: The Other Woman. In the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s historic achievement of becoming the first female presumptive presidential nominee for a major party in the U.S., Kyle was interviewed by Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 with host Stephen K. Bannon on Wednesday. During her radio interview, the woman who claims to be Bill Clinton’s ex-mistress was asked some probing questions about the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Among those questions, Dolly Kyle was asked whether she thought Hillary Clinton had “sold her soul” for political power. Kyle, who has very publicly claimed to be a Bill Clinton mistress, wasted no time in bashing the wife of the man she calls her “former lover.” Kyle inferred that the former secretary of State “bought” her position in the State Department. According to Kyle, the Boeing corporation gave $10 million to the Clinton Foundation just the week before Hillary was appointed to Barack Obama’s cabinet. Then, the then-secretary of State approved a $29 billion Boeing fighter jet sale to Saudi Arabia.

According to the woman who has very publicly claimed to be Bill’s former mistress, Hillary doesn’t care what happens with those jets.

“Needless to say, Israel, our supposed ally, was not happy about that, but Hillary doesn’t care, because all that money goes into the Clinton Foundation, and then they can live like potentates on it.”

Breitbart News reports that Dolly Kyle has staked a claim to being a longtime acquaintance (and more) of the Clintons. Kyle says she met Bill when the pair were just children; Bill was only 12 and Dolly 11. She insists that Bill Clinton hasn’t always been truthful about his upbringing, and that the former POTUS grew up in luxury, not poverty as he often claims.

“We met on the Belvedere Country Club golf course in Hot Springs. Forget about his stories of growing up in poverty, okay? Forget that. We met on the golf course. We were friends in high school, we were friends in college, we ultimately became lovers as adults.

Kyle alleges that for at least part of the time she claims to have been Bill Clinton’s mistress, both she and Bill were married to other people. She claims to have found religion in the years since she was actively sleeping with Bill, saying she was a sex addict and that she warned Bill Clinton that he was one, too.

“I have repented. I discovered I was a sex addict. I got treatment. I told Billy about the problem. I warned him, I begged him, to get help for his sex addiction problem.”

She said that Bill Clinton refused to handle his sex addiction issues or even acknowledge them, and in the words of the woman who’s claimed to be Bill Clinton’s one-time mistress, “What Hillary has done about it is enable him.”

Fox News reported back in May on Kyle’s allegations that Hillary enabled Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual misconduct. At that time, Fox News stated that the claims of the woman who claims to be Bill’s former mistress substantiate some of Donald Trump’s allegations against Hillary.

Fox News quoted Dolly Kyle as going beyond calling Hillary an “enabler.”

“She was a co-conspirator.”

In addition to insisting that Hillary was an “enabler,” the woman who claims to be Bill Clinton’s ex-mistress also says that Hillary Clinton is “cognitively impaired” and ready to “melt down at any moment.” Dolly Kyle also describes an instance prior to the Clintons’ marriage where Hillary found out about Bill’s relationship with another woman. According to Kyle, Hillary blew up when she found out about the clandestine relationship.

“Hillary found out about Marla. She started threatening her, she was calling her in the middle of the night, she destroyed her letters to Billy. She warned her to stay away from him.”

The woman who calls herself Bill Clinton’s former mistress also went on the record about her perception of Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness. She called the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee a “pathological liar,” insisting that Clinton has proven over the decades that she can’t be trusted.

Dolly Kyle doesn’t see Bill Clinton’s wife as a good representative for women in the United States. She said during her radio interview that it’s “ridiculous” for the media to “push” Hillary Clinton’s nomination as some kind of triumph for women.

“What you’re seeing is the result of a woman clutching onto the coattails of a serial rapist and sex abuser for decades, just to get into this position.”

Toward the end of her radio interview, Dolly Kyle began to sound like a woman scorned, jealous of the successful wife of a former lover. She began to disparage Hillary’s many accomplishments, asking her interviewer, “What has Hillary ever done on her own?”

Obviously, Dolly Kyle forgot that Hillary had just been named the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, because she continued on her tirade against the accomplishments of Bill Clinton’s successful wife.

“I mean, she was Secretary of State, she traveled a million miles. What did she accomplish? What did she ever accomplish?”

Amid her claims of being Bill Clinton’s ex-mistress, Dolly Kyle also stated that she believes that the former POTUS is guilty of the rape allegations that have been leveled against him by Juanita Broaddrick.

What do you think? Is Dolly Kyle being honest, or was her radio interview the epitome of a woman scorned? Was it appropriate for a woman who claims to be the former mistress of Bill Clinton to conduct a radio interview the day after his wife clinched the Democratic presidential nomination?

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]