Tel Aviv Israel Shooting: At Least Three Dead And Six Injured In Probable Terrorist Attack [Breaking]

At least three are dead and six have been injured (five in serious condition) in a Wednesday night shooting in Tel Aviv, Israel. Authorities are hesitantly calling the Tel Aviv shooting a “terrorist” attack, but at this early time, the circumstances surrounding the shooting are still being actively investigated, reports CNN.

One of the people hospitalized in the Tel Aviv, Israel shooting attack is a suspect in the shooting and is believed to be one of the shooters.

The Tel Aviv, Israel shooting took place at about 9:00 p.m. local time, and authorities are calling the Tel Aviv shooting “coordinated.” According to a spokesman from the Israel police, Mickey Rosenfeld, two “terrorist” suspects have been captured in the wake of the shooting, one was arrested and the other has been hospitalized after being shot at the scene.

Both are reportedly being questioned in the shooting that killed three Israelis, says Rosenfeld.

According to reports, the three people were killed in the Tel Aviv, Israel shooting after gunshots broke out at one of the city’s most popular markets.

At this early stage of the investigation, a definitive motive for the Tel Aviv shooting at Sarona Market is unknown. The Sarona Market is reportedly located in a very crowded “entertainment district” in central Tel Aviv. The area is frequented by both locals and tourists alike, and it is a bustling hub of the secular capital of Israel. The market is also located directly across the street from Israel’s main army headquarters and defense ministry buildings, adding to the speculation that the attack may be politically motivated terrorism.

The world has responded with love and support, much like in the wake of other recent acts of terrorism around the world.

Initially, first responders to the Tel Aviv, Israel shooting scene were looking for a third gunman, but at this point, authorities are confident that only two shooters were involved, and they have called off their search for a third attacker. Local authorities in Tel Aviv are, however, searching the immediate crime scene for additional weapons such as explosives, which have been used in terror attacks in both France and Belgium in the last year.

“Special patrol units are still working in the area to make sure there is no more danger.”

According to police spokesman Rosenfeld, Tel Aviv has escalated in recent weeks and become more commonplace than in the recent past in the Israeli city. The last shooting in Tel Aviv, Israel took place months ago.

Israel is often a target for international terrorism, both because of the nation’s religious ties as well as for its political, diplomatic, and military ties with the United States.

So far, no known terrorist group has come forward to claim responsibility for the attack, and authorities are still investigating the situation for answers to the reason behind the deadly violence.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the men responsible for Wednesday’s Tel Aviv, Israel shooting were cousins from the West Bank, potentially with ties to the terror group Hamas, but this development has yet to be confirmed by investigators. According to the report by The Jerusalem Post, the cousins are native Palestinians.

Media reports indicate that the suspect in the shooting who was shot and wounded by police as he tried to flee the scene of the crime was injured severely enough to require surgery, but no further updates on his condition have been released at this time. The media has been advised that police were able to interview him following the attacks, but the nature of the information they may have gotten over the course of that interview remains uncertain.

This is a breaking, developing story. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Wednesday night’s deadly shooting in Tel Aviv, Israel.

[Photo by Sebastian Scheiner/AP Photo]